LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector Review: Not What I Expected

Front left side of LUMOS RAYDo you enjoy unwinding and being mesmerized by your favorite film or television show but can’t justify paying a hefty price tag? Well, LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector might be the answer to your home entertainment prayers.

The unit was delivered to me in the first week of April. Although I saw it on the web when I first learned about it, I was still surprised that it’s small. I quickly opened it and saw that the unit was smaller than the box and felt lighter. The box’s other contents are the AV cable, HDMI cable, power cable, remote control, and manual.

Setting Up

To start setting up, I placed it on a top surface, plugged it into an electric outlet, turned it on, and voila, the main menu was already projected. Of course, I made sure that I was projecting it to a blank white wall inside a dark room.Place the LUMOS RAY on a flat surface

Focusing the screen
Sliding the focus ring to the left or right for clearer screen

Then I proceeded to adjust the focus of the screen. It’s pretty straightforward. There’s a dial on top of the unit just behind the projecting lens. I turned it to the left or right to get the right focus.

Main Menu
Settings Menu
Settings Menu
Adjusting the screen size
Adjusting the screen size

Afterwards, I started fiddling with the menus. I have a small room, and most of the walls were already occupied by stuff. I accessed the projection setting to configure the size of the screen, which did wonders about how I saw the projected content.

Connecting LUMOS RAY with WiFi
Connecting to WiFi

Then I connected the LUMOS RAY Smart to our Wi-Fi connection. The documentation suggests that users plug in a USB mouse for faster navigation. But I tried the challenging part by navigating with the remote control, and I made it through navigating and entering my complicated password.

A YouTube video on LUMOS RAY
Playing a YouTube video

After successfully setting up the WIFI connection, I launched the YouTube app. I was immediately hooked. Aside from the built-in YouTube app, there’s also Netflix. Exploring the settings menu, I noticed the Google Play Store. That made me realize that Android OS powers LUMOS RAY Smart Projector.

The LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Experience

When I launched the YouTube app, I was immediately hooked, as I mentioned earlier. I wasn’t expecting much with this projector.

Although we don’t own a home theatre system, we were able to purchase huge Smart TVs through the years. In our living room, we have a 65-inch Smart TV. My cousin also has a 65-inch TV installed in her bedroom, and I have a 55-inch unit. These are 4K TVs, so somehow, I’ve already lowered my expectations before receiving the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

Netflix movie on LUMOS RAY Projector
Streaming a Netflix movie

After watching a video on YouTube, I launched Netflix to give it a try. That’s when I truly appreciated everything with the great sound emitted through its surround sound inbuilt Dolby Audio system.

Other Entertainment Options

The LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector has an AV in and out port, HDMI and USB port, and even a microSD port. You can enjoy your cinematic experience from a DVD, laptop, and downloaded content.

The ports found at the back of LUMOS RAY
The ports at the back: AV in and out port, HDMI port, USB port, and microSD port

In addition, you can also use your smartphone to cast content to the projector. You can also play your favorite mobile games and view everything on the large screen.

Screencasted content
Casting/mirroring content from my iPad mini

4 Things I Liked with the LUMOS RAY Smart

There are many good things about the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

  1. Design – it caught my attention as soon as I saw it. It has that minimalistic premium design that fits the modern home. It doesn’t take so much space. I can place it on the shelf in my room when not in use and then quickly take it out and set things up should I decide to use it. And because it’s small, I imagine myself bringing it to out-of-town trips or even staycations so I can enjoy a cinematic experience with family and friends if needed.
  2. Smart – Don’t you like things that are smart? I do. I love my smart TV, smartphone, smartwatch, and now a smart projector. Because it’s WIFI-enabled, it has YouTube and Netflix installed. I don’t know what other apps I can install, but it’d be awesome to be able to do it. I’ll update you once I get the courage to enter my super complicated password.
  3. Enjoyable – watching a video, movie, or TV series on LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema is a delightful experience. The impressive screen projects with clarity, and good contrast is pleasing to the eye. It has a 720p HD resolution but supports a 1080p Blu-Ray resolution. While watching, it doesn’t feel like watching 720p content at all. It comes with excellent audio too.
  4. Affordable – the RAY Smart Projector is available for Php11,999. If you want one that costs lower, you can get the RAY Projector for Php8,999. Although it’s not WIFI-enabled, you can still enjoy the content you created or downloaded from the internet. Save it into your USB flash drive, insert it into the LUMOS USB slot, or connect it via HDMI if it’s saved on your laptop, connect it via HDMI.

Last Words

The LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector is not what I expected. I lowered my expectations, thinking our smart TVs were better. But it turned out to be a great device that makes binge-watching more awesome.

LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector
LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector

Whether you’re looking to amp up your home cinema experience or want more than you already have, the RAY Smart Projector is highly recommended.

You can purchase the LUMOS Projector directly at The company currently only ships locally in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, where they have received thousands of satisfied 5-star real reviews across their websites.

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