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Learn to Lead Like Jesus and Learn Servant Leadership

Lead Like JesusIn this day and age of “Me, Myself and I” we can clearly see the fruits of selfishness and that is very much evident in our country, the Philippines, particularly the government and its leaders. This is sad because leaders are supposed to be serving the Filipino people. While I have no qualms about individualism, it sure looks like we need to learn to lead like Jesus and learn servant leadership. Recently, I learned about Lead Like Jesus – an organization pushing for servant leadership by teaching the principles of Jesus. Co-founded by best-selling author Ken Blanchard, it is now in the Philippines.

Lead Like Jesus Conference 2013 Lead Like Jesus Philippines had it first conference last Saturday, October 5 at the Philippine Normal University. The speakers were Mr Jim Montgomery, Chief International Speaker and Master Trainer for Lead Like Jesus and Mr Boris Joaquin, Country Leader and Master Trainer of Lead Like Jesus. While I missed the opportunity to attend the conference, I had the privilege of meeting both speakers during a bloggers conference where we learned about the organization.

The first time you hear Lead Like Jesus, you’ll think this is a church movement. The group’s mission is to lead like Jesus did and to demonstrate God’s love for people while helping them change the way they live, love and lead. It’s “church-y” alright, but LLJ has been very successful in training both Christians and non-Christians on servant leadership. Case in point is their highly successful program in India where Mr Montgomery came from before coming to the Philippines. India, as we all know, is a pre-dominantly Hindu country.

This reminded me of the first leadership book I read early in my career — The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Lead Like Jesus equips people and organizations through the teaching of the H4 framework as their core operating system impacting people in their position as life-role and/or organizational leaders. Organizational culture changes as leaders align their heart, head, hands, and habits. If I’m to judge the group based on the first book I read from the organization’s co-founder, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot to learn that will make one a true leader, especially because it is integrated with the principles of Jesus. There’s definitely more substance to learn.

Lead Like Jesus Bloggers Conference I look forward to the next conference to learn to lead like Jesus and learn servant leadership. As a Filipino citizen and as an individual, it’s important to learn these principles if we want to have an impact in the society we live in. Even business organizations should learn about servant leadership too as this could lead to a better working environment. Parents, educators and educational institutions should also look into LLJ’s Ignite program which is geared to the students. Stay tuned on this blog for more of Lead Like Jesus and other learning opportunities.


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