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D'Originals on GMA 7

Laugh and Learn with D’Originals on GMA 7

D'Originals on GMA 7Be ready to laugh and learn with D’Originals on GMA 7. Based on the trailers I’ve seen, the afternoon drama-comedy is witty, funny and serious all at the same time. I mean, infidelity is a serious matter, right? But the topic is given a lighter and intelligent treatment.

That’s a good thing because I’m absolutely tired of all the drama. Directed by Adolf Alix, Jr., the series is a story of three wives and their struggle with the three women who suddenly disrupted their normal lives with their respective husband. The TV show is definitely a breath of fresh air. Too bad it’s being shown in the afternoon.

D'Originals director Adolf Alix, Jr., with the lead cast LJ Reyes, Jaclyn Jose and Kim Domingo

D’Originals director Adolf Alix, Jr., with the lead cast LJ Reyes, Jaclyn Jose and Kim Domingo

D’Originals on GMA 7 has a powerhouse cast led by 2016 Cannes Best Actress Jacklyn Jose. She’s joined by 2016 Gawad Urian Best Actress LJ Reyes, and lnternet’s Hottest Phenomenon Kim Domingo. These three faces the challenge of Katrina Halili, Lovely Abella, and Meg Imperial, who are out to take their husbands from them. Jestoni Alarcon, Mark Herras, and Archie Alemania are the husbands these women will be fighting over for.

Jaclyn Jose plays Josie Magpayo, the”perfect housewife” married to Lando Magpayo played by Jestoni Alarcon. Jaclyn Jose’s character is threatened by Yvette Binetez played by Katrina Halili. Josie’s prowess in the kitchen is matched only by her rival who became Lando’s center of affection when the excitement of an affair at midlife became a possibility.

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LJ Reyes is Marge Tolentino, an entrepreneur, career-driven mom married to Mark Herras character, Carlo Tolentino, the house husband. LJ tussles with Lovely Abella, playing as Christina Pineda. LJ and Meg’s characters are actually sisters and the best of friends at that.

Playing as sexy Zumba instructor Sofia Godinez is Kim Domingo, married to Archie Alemania’s character, Art Godinez. Art is a talent manager and one of his talents is Alice Lucero, played by Meg Imperial. Art has had numerous affairs, but Alice is proving to be a real challenge to Sofia.

I cannot imagine how their lives will intertwine in the story, but it’ll be interesting. What I look forward to is the exchange of dialogue. During the blogcon for D’Originals held at the GMA Network Center, we had the chance to watch the first 30 seconds of the first episode. I immediately enjoyed it. What more the entire episode, or series for that matter.

The Cast of D'OriginalsBut of course, it’s not all about laugh. Ms Jaclyn Jose encourages the public to watch it for get some ideas as the show tackles the issue. Even Kim Domingo noted that the viewers should watch out for her tips on how to catch a philandering husband.

You’ll definitely laugh and learn watching D’Originals on GMA 7. Catch it beginning April 17 on GMA Afternoon Prime, after Legally Blind before Wowowin.

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