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Lalamove Philippines transport options

Lalamove is the Better Solution to Your Delivery Needs

LalamoveI love how transport services like Lalamove Philippines are now available to bridge the gap that has long been left wanting in the country. Lalamove is an on-demand logistics provider headquartered in Hong Kong . The company promises same day delivery of parcels and bulky items such as furniture and commercial goods.

I recall back in 2015, I was looking to hire a truck or van to transport office furniture from Makati to Quezon City. Although such services exists, getting one is not an easy task. You have to search for a provider available on a certain date and time, willing to accept your route. And then on the agreed upon schedule, you cross your fingers that they’d show up.

Lalamove is like getting your usual ride from your smartphone. You select a vehicle that you need, setup pickup point and drop off point, confirm delivery where you will also be able to view how much it’ll cost, and wait for pickup. And you can also track your delivery. Alternatively, you can book on their website.

Office Furnishings we had delivered from Makati to Quezon City in 2015

Office Furnishings we had delivered from Makati to Quezon City in 2015

It’s fast, worry-free, definitely convenient. This is totally the opposite of my experience in getting the services of those delivery services I found on classified ads. I wish this service existed back then.

And I learned that the company’s services is no longer restricted within Metro Manila. Lalamove Philippines has expanded its serviceable areas to include Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna and Rizal. This is great because you no longer have to do your own delivery in the outskirts of the metro. As you’re very much aware, horrendous traffic is also experienced in the said area.

Use smartphone when booking Lalamove

The logistics company will definitely lift the burden of consumers and businesses with delivery and transport needs. There are many factories and offices outside Metro Manila. With more business activities, the demand will be greater. Lalamove Philippines’ Albert Go assures that these areas will be given the same quality of service and delivery promise – that is equal and at par when a business client or a normal day to day user books within Metro Manila.

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Lalamove guarantees speed and affordability. The rates are not based on the weight and size like traditional logistics players but works on a per vehicle delivery distance. This is definitely more affordable compared to housing a rider in house.

Lalamove Driver on the goThe Lalamove Country Manager explains that they also have carefully planned out their logistics to answer the requirements of a bigger market. First on their list is to contract more riders and drivers who will move the actual goods of varying sizes and weight- on board their three vehicle types: motorcycles, small utility vans and large utility vans.

To heed to the needs of a wider customer base, Lalamove also had to make several adjustments with the app. This is needed so that customers would no longer have to call the Lalamove hotline and, instead, go directly to the app to check if their area can be serviced. Other sites in the pipeline for expansion will also be seen via the app as soon as Lalamove officially rolls out their services in those places.

Just like its current users, Lalamove’s customers in the expanded areas can add extra stops to a route when there are multiple locations. Customers will also be able to track their delivery status in real time. The delivery cost for each transaction will also automatically pop up as soon as the customer books his chosen service.

Lalamove Philippines transport optionsWith Lalamove Philippines’ expansion, more and more people will finally experience better delivery services- in terms of price and speed, whenever and wherever the need. I will definitely keep Lalamove in mind the next time the need arises to transport parcels or bulky items. Suddenly, my mind is at ease about buying items that are difficult to transport using regular vehicles. Lalamove is definitely the better solution to delivery needs.

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