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Krem-Top Change for Better Campaign

Krem-Top Calls Out to Change for the Better

Krem-Top Change for Better CampaignI was one of the bloggers invited to the Krem-Top event on the first week of December in Makati. It was a jam-packed gathering at the Romulo Cafe in Makati, but was an enjoyable one especially being in the company of some blogger friends. But before the event, I was thinking about what the event is all about. Maybe it’s a move to promote Alaska’s coffee creamer further and encourage consumers to switch to the brand. But I’m sure that’s already in their mind, but in actuality, Krem-Top calls out to change for the better in life as one nation. A very timely message as we conclude 2014 and get ready for 2015.

The New Year is something that we all look forward to. An opportunity for a clean slate, to rid ourselves from the baggage of the previous year, move forward and be a better person, be a successful person, to be good at what we do. Krem-Top encourages all of us to look into our inner selves as Filipinos, not only for our personal benefit but more importantly, for the country. And that means seriously contemplating on the Filipino core values that makes us stand out among all the countries in the earth.

Asian Social Institute President Dr. Mina Ramirez at Krem-Top Change for the Better Event

Asian Social Institute President Dr. Mina Ramirez

Mr Jim Paredes at the Krem-Top Change for Better CampaignWith the help of Asian Social Institute President Dr. Mina Ramirez, we learned more about these core values – mapagpasalamat, matatag, masigasig, mapagmalasakit, and magalang. Mr Jim Paredes also shared his thoughts about these values. It was quite an experience to be reminded of such positive traits. I’m not really in New Year’s Resolutions, having failed in all my attempts in my youth. But still, these Filipino core values gave me a different point of view when thinking about how to face the year 2015.

Indeed, we shouldn’t just be thinking about ourselves when planning for our future. That’s selfish. We should think about the people around us too, and especially our country. I’m responding as Krem-Top calls out to change for the better. You should too. Individually, we can be a better person and #BidaChanger, collectively, we become a better nation. Keep yourselves updated with Alaska Krem-Top’s campaign on social media on Facebook: http://facebook.com/AlaskaKremTop and Twitter: http://twitter.com/kremtopPH.

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