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Mr Pizza Now in the Philippines

Korea’s Mr Pizza Now in the Philippines

Mr Pizza Greenbelt 3Mr Pizza, Korea’s number one pizza chain is now in the Philippines and has just opened it’s first branch at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the restaurant. But somehow, there’s a part of me that imagine things to be just the same with other pizza restaurants. Pizza has been part of Filipino foodies life and basing it all from the ones I’ve tasted, they basically look the same. Of course, with differences in the toppings, manner of cooking, and taste, among others. But I have to say upfront, that Mr Pizza’s pizza offerings are different from among the ones I’ve tried.

After settling down, we were handed with the menu. We ordered Mozzarella Sticks, Hot Wings, Mr Chicken and Ms Chicken as appetizers. Based on the suggestion of the staff attending to us that night, we ordered Potato Gold, which they claim to be one of their best sellers. We also had Seafood Island 2 pizza with Cream Cheese Crust. For drinks, we had Hallabong Ade.

Hallabong Ade - sweet and zesty taste of Korean Tangerine Php80

Hallabong Ade – Php80

Hallabong Ade is a refreshing drink with a sweet and zesty taste of Korean Tangerine. I was expecting something like a juice, but it feels like there’s soda and flavorings instead. Then our appetizers were served. The Mozzarella Sticks left me wanting for more. Good thing the chicken wings were enough to whet up my appetite. I particularly like the Hot Wings over the other variant because it has that zing. My companions enjoyed it too but complained that it’s too spicy. I was actually wondering what they were talking about because it’s not spicy at all. At least for me. 😉

Then came our first pizza, Potato Gold. It’s a creamy mix of buttery potatoes and savory bacon with Gold crust. When ordering pizza at Mr Pizza, you can actually choose the crust. A Gold crust actually has sweet potatoes, giving your pizza sweetness. I think the crust gave the Potato pizza a different dimension. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this pizza. I also like that the two kinds of potatoes didn’t have a heavy effect on my tummy as I devour it.

Mr Pizza Potato Gold

Potato Gold (Regular – Php730 | Large Php930)

I was looking forward to the second pizza because of the main ingredients – seafood! It’s loaded with crunchy and flavorful coconut shrimp, squid and other seafood. After a few shots, we grabbed slices of Seafood Island 2. I love the crunch of the shrimp, giving the pizza a nice texture as I bite into it. It was actually my first time to have something fried on my pizza, and yet it’s not oily. And the squid is tender! I also love the presentation. The only thing that I missed is the flavor of cream cheese, our chosen crust. Or maybe my mouth is just too busy eating that I missed it. Errr… sorry.

Mr Pizza Seafood Island 2 with Cream Cheese Crust

Seafood Island 2 – Regular Php1,000 (Cream Cheese Crust) | Large Php1,180 (Cream Cheese Crust)

A last minute dine-in order was the Secret Garden. I know it doesn’t sound appealing, especially for the carnivorous and those not on a diet. That’s exactly why we skipped that. But with some convincing from the crew, we gave in and we’re glad we did. The toppings are chicken strips and vegetables with white sauce. It’s so good, it doesn’t feel like I’m eating pizza. The chicken is tender, and the vegetables not soggy.

Secret Garden at Mr Pizza

Secret Garden – Regular Php730 | Large Php930

I was also able to bring home a box of Eggta based on recommendation of a friend. It’s made of soft and moist egg-tart crust topped with Camembert and beef steak. If you love meat, I suggest you go for this pizza. The beef is flavorful, and the hint of sweetness from the egg tart made it even more savory. And I think the cheese made the food even creamier. Everyone at home loved it that we forgot to take a picture of it!

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Mr Pizza claims to abide by its 300% Principle of making pizza: 100% hand-kneaded pizza done by hand-kneading and hand-juggling live dough; 100% Full-Hearted Topping, which means the toppings are placed with the same sincerity and dedication as farmers plant seeds; and finally, 100% Grilled-Bake where they use screen grills to achieve a light, wholesome taste, with lesser amount of oil.

At the kitchen counter located in the middle of the restaurant, you can see pizza dough being tossed up in the air. That makes pizza good to bite and doesn’t feel like you’re eating a bread with toppings. The toppings are also fresh and properly cooked. The veggies are still crispy, the squid tender and not rubbery. And lastly, Mr Pizza’s pizzas are not oily. That’s good for everyone’s health. I also love that the flavors are not the usual offerings; really unique.

As early as now, we learned that Mr Pizza will be soon open in Manila and Quezon City. Construction is probably on the way for these new branches. The Greenbelt 3 branch has the fresh look, with a casual and fun vibe. The K-Pop videos shown on the big screen will definitely be enjoyed by the genres fans. The place is also well lit, perfect for those selfie and foodie shots.

Mr Pizza is the first F&B brand regarded as a “World-Class Product of Korea.” The recognition was given by Korea’s Ministry of Trade and Energy in 2014. Established in 1990, Mr Pizza has been number 1 in Korea since 2009. It is the only food brand listed in the KOSDAQ, also a first in the food and beverage industry.

Before coming to the Philippines, Mr Pizza branches outside Korea are China, and United States, among others. It was named “Best Restaurant” by Beijing Evening News (a leading Chinese news program). Restaurant review firm Zagat in the US also selected Mr Pizza as the “Best Pizza Store.” These recognition proves what Korea’s number 1 pizza chain is capable of delivering.Click to add a blog post for Mr. Pizza on Zomato

Now that Korea’s Mr Pizza is now in the Philippines, foodies and pizza-lovers will get to experience what the others have. And by the looks of it, we’re in for an awesome ride. I will definitely go back for the other pizza flavors and food offerings such as pasta. Connect with Mr Pizza on Facebook (facebook.com/mrpizzaph), Twitter (twitter.com/mrpizzaph), and Instagram (instagram.com/mrpizzaph) for more updates. Don’t forget to watch the performance of Mr Pizza’s Dream Team below.


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