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Keeping an Open Mind — Exploring Wi-Tribe Internet

The very first Yahoo OMG Awards in the Philippines was held at the Republiq Club in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. I was able to attend the event last night, June 21st and this came at a timely manner. The Yahoo OMG Awards, given to the most-searched celebrity in Yahoo Philippine’s search engine, is presented by Wi-Tribe – an Internet service provider. I am in search for one, so I grabbed this chance to learn more about their service.

Liberty Telecoms is the company behind Wi-Tribe – one of the first to launch 4G Technology in the Philippines. Their longstanding partnership with Yahoo Philippines goes beyond the search engine’s website as seen on Wi-Tribe’s dominant presence at the Yahoo event where they gave away an Archos tablet PC with 24 months free Internet subscription. They also gave a special award to singer Somedaydream.

Wi-Tribe Execs led by Mr. Jay Reantaso, Head of Marketing Communications with Queenie Smith, winner of the Archos Tablet PC giveaway with free Wi-Tribe Internet service

Singer Somedaydream awarded with the Wi-Tribe Special Award at the Yahoo OMG Awards

I learned about the service in 2009 and was quite interested because of the 4G Technology. At that time, Wi-Tribe was the only provider brandishing the fastest wireless Internet technology. However, I was very satisfied with my existing subscription. Plus my research led me to some posts on the not-so-positive experiences with their connection. This prompted me to ditch even the possibility of checking the service out.

Jim Paredes at the Wi-Tribe Booth

But now that I am shopping for a new service, I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by to learn more about Wi-Tribe. Mr. Jay Reantaso, the ISP’s Head of Marketing Communications gladly discussed what they have to offer. He shared that Wi-Tribe was recently re-launched, boasting wider coverage and varied subscription packages. A year after launch, Wi-Tribe now has increased bandwidth covering 90% of Metro Manila, supported by 24/7 customer support. This information alone means better service for me. It looks like they learned their lesson. This is good, especially now that their subscription base has grown to about 50,000 household according to Mr. Reantaso.

Jay Reantaso, Wi-Tribe Head of Marketing Communications

I also learned that Wi-Tribe’s Internet service is no longer subjected to bandwidth allocation. I remember this as one of the factors that made me decide to stick with my current connection. For someone who’s online most of the time, capping is a big disappointment. This is no longer the case, shared Mr. Reantaso. He said that there is no need to worry about exceeding bandwidth allocation because “there is nothing to exceed”. This information was also shared on their Facebook Page. They also have a Twitter account.

I’m keeping an open mind this time and explore Wi-Tribe. Afterall, I think the service has matured already. They now have 5 concept stores in Metro Manila. One of them is in Eastwood which is near my place. Although I think it’s better to simply call for a demo so they could check the signal at my location. Mr. Reantaso said their technical staff can bring the modem to my place to test the connection. He shared further that if the connection is good, they can leave the modem with me after the demo and start enjoying their service right away. Isn’t that nice? Of course that is upon submitting all the requirements.

I really want to check things out. They currently have 3 subscription plans priced at P598, P998 and P1998. I’m intrigued at how fast a 4G connection is at 512kbps. That’s the lowest package. But then again, I might go for the second plan offering up to 1mbps. If things heat up, I may eventually upgrade to the 3rd package which is up to 2mbps. The service has been expanded to include both residential and corporate subscribers. There are also more choices as far as equipment is concerned. My preference leans toward the 4G USB dongle with signal booster. If they cover a bigger area of Metro Manila now, then that means I can enjoy 4G connection almost anywhere I go and that type of modem is the most ideal.

There’s actually another good reason to sign up. Wi-Tribe has an ongoing promotion which started June 6 and will end on July 31st. One hundred new subscribers within the said period have a chance to win fee Internet service for 2 years. They’re also giving 3 months cashback for 200 subscribers while the rest will receive 1 month refund. Nobody loses. That’s an amazing treat! I have never received anything like that from my current provider.

Interested? Call 31-tribe now for a free demo. You can also logon to their website or visit their concept stores in Eastwood, Shangri-la Mall, Makati, Paranaque or Binondo. I really hope that my search for reliable Internet service is over. Wi-Tribe claims that their service is “Pure 4G”, meaning you should have 4G connection all the time. This is unlike my current experience with 3G where I get kicked out of my actual subscription and gets Edge or 2G signals instead, which happens often.
Are you a current Wi-Tribe subscriber? How was your experience so far? Please share your thoughts by making a comment below. I would love to hear from you. Your input will be most helpful, not only to me but for the rest who might also be contemplating about getting a Wi-Tribe connection.


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