KC Concepcion Talked about her Role in the movie Boy Golden
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KC Concepcion Talks to Bloggeres Backstage at the Boy Golden Mall Tour at Glorietta

KC Concepcion Talked about her Role in the movie Boy Golden

KC Concepcion Talks to Bloggeres Backstage at the Boy Golden Mall Tour at GloriettaKC Concepcion talked about her role in the movie Boy Golden after the mall tour held last Saturday, December 21st at Glorietta Activity Center. During the show, she sang to the delight of everyone in the audience. Buboy Villar and John Estrada were also at the mall promoting the movie Boy Golden, a Metro Manila Film Fest 2013 entry. The audience enjoyed the show, where some received gifts during the games and as the stars distributed some shirts and posters. I was even surprised to see KC going down the stage and even mingled with the mall goers.

KC Concepcion is the leading lady of Gov. Jeorge Ejercito in the movie about Arturo Porcuna, a prominent gangster during the early 60s. Having watched the trailer, I saw some bits of her acting on the daring side. The actress confirmed that she’s a stripper in the movie, but one who fights alongside the men in the movie. KC explained that one reason she accepted the movie is because her role is not a damsel in distress stereotype, but rather one who fights.

KC Concepcion singing at the Boy Golden Mall Tour at GloriettaAs “one of the boys,” KC had to undergo a 3-month crash course on mixed martial arts. Some of fight scenes were choreographed by someone who worked with Angelina Jolie in the past. Sharon Cuneta’s daughter noted that, instead of daring, this is her most outgoing and risk taking role as she had to take on a role of a dancer. Comparing her project with her mom, KC also said that she had her kissing scenes with her leading man, Jeorge Ejercito; something that Sharon didn’t do with her action-drama films.

Boy Golden is helmed by Director Chito Rono. KC shared that she was initially nervous during the shooting but eventually got the hang of working with the esteemed director. With training and directions, the actress said she eventually understood how Direk Chito’s perspective in film making and in how to approach every scene.

KC Concepcion Talks about her role during the Boy Golden Mall Tour at GloriettaKC claims that Boy Golden is one of the most fulfilling role she’s ever done because she had to do a lot of things in the film. This is her first time to do an action-drama genre which requires her to be very physical on several scenes. She recalls having come home in the Philippines and starting out as a commercial model and VJ, not realizing that she’ll be taking acting seriously. Acknowledging that her past experiences, including being involved in controversies, made her grow as a person.

KC Concepcion mingling with the audience at the Boy Golden Mall Tour at GloriettaIndeed, the Megastar’s daughter has grown to a beautiful lady capable of handling herself well. KC assures everyone that though she’s taken on the role of a stripper, she said that it’s not something that she’d stick to. It looks like the actress is very proud of her movie Boy Golden, raving about how it’s a film that one would love to watch because it’s stylized, colorful with storytelling that’s presented differently.

As KC Concepcion talked about her role in movie Boy Golden, I suddenly looked forward to watching it. Boy Golden: the Arturo Porcuna Story also stars TonTon Gutierrez, Leo Martinez, Gloria Sevilla, Eddie Garcia, Baron Geisler and many more. The movie will start showing on December 25.

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