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FTX Urban Rebound Kangoo Jumps

Do the Kangoo Jumps at FTX Urban Rebound

Several years back, I’ve been hearing about this fitness craze sweeping across the globe, but its nowhere to be found in the Philippines. Kangoo Jumps made waves and even up to now, it is said to be an effective way to lose weight and keep fit. A fatso like me is always on the look out for something like that primarily because going to the gym never did work for me. It is now in the Philippines, at FTX Urban Rebound.

FTX Urban Rebound Kangoo Jumps

Located at the Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place along Tordesillas Street in Makati City, FTX is not your ordinary gym as it offers a wide range of fitness programs including boxing, core fitness, yoga and now, Kangoo Jumps. Watch the video after the jump to get a better perspective of this fitness routine:

I was excited to try it out. In my usual gym attire, I attended a session. I put on the Kangoo Jumps Shoes to get me started. This is the only equipment you’ll need to exercise. The shoes are actually boots that fit snugly. Standing with these shoes on feels unstable at the onset. I had to learn to stand still with it and we were told the best way to do that is to walk around with it prior to the session. The guys at FTX really knew their stuff.

When I entered the main area, it felt like i was entering a party, only to realize I was in a party. It was actually a Kangoo Dance Party! FTX actually makes every fitness routine fun, and boy did I have a great time. Kangoo Jumps is all about dancing while wearing those KJ Shoes. The routines are similar to aerobics.

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Prior to joining, I was thinking this should be easy. After all, I dance. Movement and rhythm is easy for me. I am able to follow similar exercises at home while watching videos. A few minutes later doing the Kangoo Jumps, I decided to sit down because I was having difficulty catching my breath. Obviously, this exercise is a step higher as far as the challenge is concern. I did try to stay longer than I could. In fact, i waited until somebody gives up ahead of me. Fortunately, one guy of foreign descent gave up after about 10 minutes of exercise. I think I stayed for roughly 30 minutes. I was really having fun and I would have wanted to stay longer.

As I sit and watch the rest do the routine, I appreciate having those Kangoo Jumps Shoes on. My legs and feet don’t feel tired compared to when I do it on regular routine. Those KJ Shoes are really effective in lessening the impact of those dance routine. After the session, I was able to talk to one of the FTX trainers. He explained that aside from being kind to your joints, the Kangoo Jumps routine also helps in strengthening the immune system. So jumping, or even better, Kangoo Jumps jumping will make you healthier.

I want to go Kangoo Jumps again. I hope there’s an FTX near me.

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