Krispy Kreme App on my Android Phone

#JoyinABox Through the Krispy Kreme Mobile App

Krispy Kreme App on my Android PhoneGet your #JoyinABox through the Krispy Kreme Mobile App. Our favorite doughnut company harnesses the power of technology and has just launched the Krispy Kreme Mobile App. Now you can place your order and have your boxes of delightful treats delivered at your doorsteps or pick it up at the nearest store. This is the first mobile app from a doughnut company and it’s very convenient. It has surprises too!

Krispy Kreme Philippines Screen GrabAvailable for download for Android and iOS, Krispy Kreme’s first mobile delivery application is packed with features. Aside from being able to place your order, you can also find the store near you. You can also filter which one has delivery service and those that are considered Hot Light Stores.

Customize your order on Krispy Kreme Mobile AppThe Krispy Kreme Mobile App is easy to use. I was able to order two dozens of assorted doughnuts in just a few presses on my smartphone. And I love the fact that they made sure it’s available on iTunes App Store and Google Play before launch. Often, apps are introduced in one operating system, but this app.

I love that I can select which particular doughnut variant to order. I can have a box of Original Glazed doughnuts, or mix it up with the different flavors. Other items available for order are Cakes, Coffee, Krispy Kreme Deals and Gift Certificates. These can be delivered right away, or on a particular date. You can also arrange a pickup at a particular branch, this is useful if your area is outside the delivery coverage area.

The app makes it easy for you to send Krispy Kreme treats to anybody in the Philippines, provided there’s one near the recipient. This is possible because you can make the payment through credit card on the mobile app itself. Aside from credit card, you can also use Globe GCash or Smart Money for payment. This means customers residing overseas can send delightful doughnuts to loved ones in the Philippines. Isn’t this convenient?

Locate the nearest Krispy Kreme StoreAside from being able to order and process online payment, the Krispy Kreme app also features an interactive store locator. This takes the guesswork away from having to determine where’s the nearest store in your location. The mobile app also features the Stamp Cards and Coupon Rewards.

My Rewards Shown on Krispy Kreme AppWith every single-receipt transaction worth at least Php150, you will get stamps that will be shown on the Rewards Page. The stamps are coupons that may be exchanged for Krispy Kreme treats. I got my first stamp, which gives me 1 Original Glazed doughnut, free! The 3rd stamp will be an 8 oz. signature coffee, then a choice of hot or iced coffee for the 6th stamp, and a box of 6 Original Glazed Doughnuts for the 6th stamp. The 12th stamp entitles customers to one Krispy Kreme collectible tin with 6 pieces Original Glazed Doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme App showing Easter PromoYou also get the latest updates about promos, new products and tie-ups first hand through the Krispy Kreme mobile app. Download it now on Android and iOS. It’s one hot app indeed for enjoying and experiencing #JoyInABox. Be in the loop about the latest from our favorite doughnut company on or connect on social media through Facebook (fb/KrispyKremePH), Twitter (@hotlightgirl) and Instagram (@KrispyKremePH).

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