Seek Asia, Tech in Asia Concludes Regional Hybrid Conference in Singapore, Flies Selected Filipino Job Seekers for Free

Bringing forth workplace and employee advancement through collective efforts, technology news platform Tech In Asia in collaboration with JobStreet by SEEK recently concluded its regional hybrid conference with the theme Southeast Asia: Built to Last which took place in Singapore.

Joined by over 10,000 participants across Asia, the conference helped attendees navigate bear markets, inflation, and other current global events by featuring valuable insights from various key opinion leaders as well as interactive activities. Three lucky Filipino candidates selected by JobStreet Philippines through a social media contest were also given the chance to experience an all-expenses-paid trip and hybrid event at Marina Bay Sands.

Apart from providing entertaining activities for participants through various games and booths, JobStreet by SEEK was also able to tackle the new priorities of today’s digital talent and how companies can understand these to attract better quality hires through a session led by SEEK Asia’s Careers and Connect Platform Chief Growth Officer Yuh Yng Chook.

Digital talents’ increased desire for flexibility

In her talk entitled SEEK Better: The secret to attracting tech talent and leading more fulfilling work lives, Chook shared that digital workers prioritize their flexibility when looking for a job and that this ultimately points back to the importance jobseekers place on maintaining their work-life balance. She added that managers can address these shifting preferences by acknowledging and praising their employees while ensuring employee welfare.

“In Asia, it’s common for employees to go above and beyond in their roles—but a simple reassurance from their managers would go a long way in ensuring employee satisfaction in the long run,” she said.

This desire for flexibility among digital talents also extends to the geographic location of their employers, with 68% saying that they are willing to work remotely for an overseas company. The data also showed that employers headquartered in certain countries are more attractive than others, with digital talents preferring companies based in the US, followed by the UK, Australia, China, and Singapore.

To engage with overseas digital talents, international companies are encouraged to invest in their employment branding to increase their exposure. Organic testimonials through social media platforms and other mediums would be beneficial for companies in the long run.

JobStreet by SEEK Concludes Regional Conference
JobStreet representatives and delegates at the Tech In Asia Conference
powered by JobStreet by SEEK in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Digital talents’ investment in social and environmental issues

Chook also highlighted the growing interest of candidates in social and environmental issues.  Digital talents also care about what’s happening in the world, with more than 60% saying that issues related to diversity and inclusion and environmental responsibility became more important to them over the past year.

These values are urgent enough to today’s digital talents that they would exclude companies who don’t match their personal beliefs from their consideration. According to Chook, companies can respond to this by emphasizing their genuine environmental and social efforts as a highlight when recruiting new talent.

Digital talents’ need for security and certainty

Apart from the matters mentioned above, Chook said that digital talents also worry about their future, especially in a constantly changing and evolving tech industry, with 42% saying that they were increasingly concerned about the implications of future innovations to their work. This transition led many job seekers to be flexible in their career expectations and invest in their skills through self-led and online learning materials.

In order to accommodate these, Chook believes that companies and organizations should consider providing digital employees with an allowance to spend for their courses and training. Not to mention giving employees the space and time they need for their learning as it also gives job seekers the opportunity for further career development.

“To employers, you need to understand the reasons that attract candidates to keep them content enough to stay. To employees, SEEK better. Don’t settle for a job that isn’t making you happy. We’re currently experiencing “The Great Job Boom” with plenty of job opportunities out there, and there has never been a better time to look for a new job and negotiate for better roles,” she added.

These insights align with SEEK’S newest campaign called “SEEK Better” which aims to help provide a wake-up call for employees who feel stuck in their jobs and encourage them to chase after more productive yet fulfilling work lives.

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