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A box of Jack 'n Jill Mallow Puff

#DiscoverDelight with Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff

A box of Jack 'n Jill Mallow PuffIf you’ve been reading my blogs, you would know that I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolates, cakes, pastries and anything that spells dessert. Not just desserts, of course. It’s got to be of good quality, and really delicious. I tasted some that are not worthy to mention, and that’s why I never bothered blogging about them. But now, I found one that is worth dedicating an entire blog, because Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff is a delightful discovery.
Jack 'n Jill Mallow Puff

Mallow Puff is made of marshmallow on top of a cake as base and coated with chocolate. The description alone spells “yummy” and brings back my childhood memories. When I was a kid, I would always request a similar treat from my mom whenever we’d go to the groceries or when she’d ask me for one to bring home. I really love the rich chocolate coating, plus the fluffiness of the marshmallow, and the yummy cake. Best of all, each piece is big enough that I’m able to keep the rest in the fridge for later.
2 Huge Pieces of Jack 'n Jill Mallow Puff in One Box

I’ve seen similar products in the market today, but they’re either small or expensive. For only Php13.50 (SRP) per pack of two big pieces, I felt that I hit the jackpot with Mallow Puff. I can afford it not just for dessert, but as a snacking companion, perfect when I’m too busy to grab a decent meal while at home or when I’m on the go and can’t afford to drop by a restaurant.Jack 'n Jill Mallow Puff is made of fluffy marshmallow topped in yummy cake and coated with chocolate

Grab a Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff and let the good times roll in every bite of this yummy treat. Head over to leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores near you wherever you are in the country and #DiscoverDelight.

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