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I love to read, and what I enjoy most are short articles about career, business, food, technology, lifestyle and everything in between. Back in the days when the Internet is still unknown, I would buy magazines of all sorts, depending on what I fancy. At one point I collected computer magazines when I was so into it. I would read them anywhere I get the chance. In fact, I learned to enjoy traffic because I get to read more while inside the bus or jeep. Recently, I noticed stacks of business and food magazines scattered in my living room, dining area and bedroom.
Good thing the Internet is now very accessible. I can now read articles about the latest gadgets through tech blogs and reviews. Thank goodness for all these blogs and review sites. Without access to these, I’m sure my wall is lined with stacks of different magazines. Reading not only keeps me updated. It educates me, keeps me thinking and hones my communication skills. I keep a list of web and blog sites that I visit every now and then whenever I need a fix. I scan links to other interesting sites or blogs every time I surf to find additional resources.
One blog I came across was that of Mr. Oscar M. Lopez, entitled Oscar’s Summit: Oscar M. Lopez. The site has a very unassuming layout. But the first two blogs I read got my attention already. Reading on, I learned that this 81-year-old mountain climber is actually the Chairman Emeritus of the Lopez Group of Companies. I’m impressed.
I’m impressed because he is very much in tune with technology. I have friends who are half his age who can’t even open their email by themselves. Mr. Lopez is blogging and even has his own Twitter handle. I’m impressed because despite his stature in life, he share what’s on his heart and mind. Impressed by what he has to say on his blog.
I blog. But what I share is simply fleeting to say the least. OML, as I think he is fondly called by his associates, shares about his family, his life, philosophies, and a lot more. And that’s something that I admire. Without his knowledge, he actually posed a challenge to my blogging. Although my blogs aim to somehow educate, inform and entertain readers, I felt that I haven’t given anything worth keeping. And that was a selfish thing to do.
For sometime, I’ve contemplated on setting up another blog that I believe would be a worthwhile endeavor – a blog about my entrepreneurial journey. Early this month, I started planning and laid down the content. Then everything is put on hold because of several things. After reading OML’s blog, I felt the urge to resume the work. I’m sure my experience cannot be compared to what Mr. Lopez has been through. But I’m confident that someone out there will find the pages of that blog useful.
You too can start working on your blog or even share your thoughts on this post. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur. Why not share your journey as a professional? Or maybe your life as a parent? What have you been up to? I’m quite sure you learned a thing or two in the past months or years. Life is such a journey. It’s true that we all have to take our own, but those nuggets of wisdom will surely come a long way when facing the challenges that one person might be encountering this very moment… or maybe in the near future.
Oscar’s Summit is now on my Favorites folder. I believe I will learn more from him and will check the blog on a weekly basis hoping to find more gold nuggets to take with me as I reach my own summit.

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