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I enjoy the freedom to do my thing with ING Pay - Alwin Aguirre (The City Roamer)In October I discovered ING Pay, it’s another product offering from ING Philippines. The company, which is actually a global financial institution with a strong base in Europe, initially offered an all-digital banking platform via ING Save in the Philippines in 2018. Early last year I opened my ING savings account and have been enjoying high interest compared to other banks.

ING Pay has a virtual debit card, and soon a physical one. With debit cards, you can pay for your purchases online. I like the ING Pay virtual debit card because it has a feature where you can freeze your card, it’s basically making it temporarily disabled. At a time when more financial transactions are done digitally, this is convenient and secure.

ING Philippines wants you to do what you do and still take care of your financial transactions most conveniently and securely with ING Pay. And that’s along the line of what I advocate for. The freedom to do your thing.

The reason I pursued online freelancing and working from home is freedom. I enjoy the freedom of working wherever I am. Traffic, rush hour, and clocking in and out is a thing of the past for me. And so when things started to go online, online shopping, online banking, online payments, online booking, I would adapt to it right away. That’s why I never had to adjust when quarantine was in place this year because of the pandemic.

Now, people have experienced that doing things at home whether that is for work, business, or personal needs has changed the way people manage their many commitments. It has also given us time to pick up a new hobby or even explore further that thing we have always wanted to do again at home, whether that is gardening, writing, baking, or even focus on other interests or things that we are passionate about.

ING Philippines Country Manager Hans Sicat
ING Philippines Country Manager Hans Sicat

“We have received very encouraging results since our launch in 2018 with our entry product – ING Save Account. The launch of ING Pay today further demonstrates our commitment to empowering customers as they look for a safer and more efficient way to make payments and transactions in the midst of the pandemic. Now ING customers can transact digitally at the convenience of their home. We take the hassle out of payments so our customers can spend more time on the things that matter to them,” said ING Philippines country manager, Hans Sicat.

The design of ING Pay is aligned with the bank’s global brand tagline ‘do your thing’, which encourages people to do more of the things they love by minimizing the friction and maximizing the simplicity of banking.

Hans added that ING Pay will now work hand-in-hand with its award-winning savings account, which offers the highest interest rate in the market. ING customers can continue to enjoy a fully mobile account opening experience with just one government-issued ID and having multiple digital ways to fund the ING Pay and ING Save accounts using PESONet, InstaPay, or mobile check deposit via the ING app.

Commenting on how ING Pay provides a differentiating experience, Mohamed Keraine, Head of Retail at ING Philippines shared that “a successful product can address true customers’ needs. With a strong focus on customer-centricity, we can leverage technology and make banking processes easy, so customers do not have to spend more time than necessary. We deliver personal and instant insights so customers can take actions or just have peace of mind that their finances are being taken care of.”

For example, ING Pay features more than 70 pre-enrolled billers and merchants, including major utilities, credit cards, insurance, and telecommunication companies. By doing so, customers do not need to spend extra time filling up the biller or merchant’s info when making a payment.

ING Debit Card - Virtual Card“A non-negotiable aspect is to keep our customer’s account and information safe. We offer every ING Pay customer a free virtual debit card where the details are only accessible via the ING mobile app, so they do not have to worry about card details falling into the wrong hands. ING Pay customers can also freeze or unfreeze their card in one tap via the ING mobile app when they need to secure it.”

Mohamed Keraine, ING Philippines Head of Retail Banking
Mohamed Keraine, ING Philippines Head of Retail Banking

Mohamed also revealed that “the ING Pay physical debit card will be available soon so look out for our announcement on social media and notifications. And with the festive season approaching, we hope our customers can have an enjoyable time spending for the holidays by offering 5%* cashback on all their purchases using either the ING virtual or physical debit cards from now until December 31. Each ING Pay customer can receive up to PHP 50,000 in cashback, with no minimum spend per transaction.”

ING Pay 5 % cashback promo
ING Pay 5 % cashback promo

With the ING Pay physical debit card, customers will be able to withdraw cash at any local BancNet ATMs. Both the virtual and physical cards can be used for purchases and transactions at online or physical stores.

At the ING Pay Virtual LaunchNoting the increase in digital transactions in the last few months, ING Pay offers free instant fund transfers via InstaPay to participating financial institutions in the Philippines. Mohamed emphasized that ING customers also do not have to worry about any fees when opening accounts or transferring funds via InstaPay and PESONet. The bank has maintained a no-fees policy since its launch in 2018 and intends to keep it that way as part of the value that it delivers to customers.

Chef Sau Del Rosario
For Pinoy Chef Sau Del Rosario, a user of ING Pay, doing his own thing is continuing to pursue his love for gastronomic adventures and culinary experiments as he continues to serve Filipinos with his every dish.
“Being able to pay my bills via the ING App means I can spend more time cooking for our modern heroes, serving the Filipinos, and taking care of my business.”

“Easy, personal, instant, and seamless banking is no longer just a concept. Now, all it takes is a smartphone and internet connection for you to enjoy these benefits,” Mohamed added.

Reese Fernandez, ING Pay user
Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, President and Founding Partner of Rags2Riches said that doing her thing means pursuing her advocacy through her organization. The social entrepreneur also mentioned that ING made her life easier as a mother and entrepreneur while working from home.
“With ING, I can do my thing because the important tools that I need to run and sustain our enterprise are on my phone. I can simply open my ING app, InstaPay Transfer payments to our suppliers and artisans, with an adjustable daily transfer limit.”

With ING Philippines’ ING Pay, I can do whatever it is I need to do when paying my bills, online shopping, or fund transfers all in one app. I don’t have to go to another banking app just to make a transaction out of concern that I will have to pay extra for such transactions. And then I can simply go back to doing other stuff that I’m on – blogging, creating content, designing websites, and managing my freelancing business.

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