How Papa John’s is Making a Comeback

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Papa John's Pizza logoPapa John’s is updating its menus and bringing even more delicious flavor to locations near you. The new Papadias give you a completely unique lunch option that fits into any budget. This menu item uses the trademark original dough as the bread in a completely new kind of sandwich that contains the usual ingredient of a pizza.

Lunch on the Cheap

Papa John’s offers plenty of cheap pizza specials to keep you fed on a budget. You can even try Papa Rewards to find out how to earn free pizza. Now, you can also get a Papadias order for just $5 before 3 p.m.. This new menu item is the halfway point between a sandwich and a pizza. It’s a match made in heaven, giving you the trademark savory, meaty flavors of a pizza along with the convenience and ease of a sandwich. It’s a combination that would definitely have made the inventor of the sandwich jealous.

Papadias Flavor Options

What kind of choices are available for the Papadias? The possibilities are endless, since you can create your very own Papadias order, which comes with a cup of signature garlic dipping sauce. There are also some tried and true flavor combinations created for you to choose from, eliminating the guesswork. You can’t go wrong with a meal that’s half pizza half sandwich.

The Italian order gives you some authentic flavors, with fresh original dough as the bread. Sausage, salami, real cheese and banana peppers give you a flavorful sandwich, and it’s all topped with creamy Alfredo sauce. It comes with a pizza dipping sauce.Papadias by Papa John's

Meat lovers will want to try the Philly Cheesesteak or the Meatball & Pepperoni options. The cheesesteak option comes with onions, green peppers, cheese and of course sliced steak. It comes with garlic dipping sauce. Meatball & Pepperoni comes with Italian seasoning, cheese and pizza sauce.

Finally, the Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon option packs a flavorful punch that comes with fresh onions and real cheese, carefully topped with BBQ sauce. It comes with a cup of extra BBQ dipping sauce.

If none of these sauce like quite what you want, that’s your chance to get creative and select options from the meats, sauces and vegetables to create something that combines all your favorites into one delicious, convenient package. The sandwich format makes it easier to eat pizza on your lunch break than ever before.

Join Papa Rewards

If you love deals, you may have wondered how to earn free pizza. The Papa Rewards system gives you a clear path to saving money and getting special discounts. Every time you make an order from Papa John’s, make sure to log in to your rewards account to earn points. You can earn points for every dollar you spend at the pizza joint, online or in person. For every 75 points you earn, you’ll get $10 of Papa Dough to spend on whatever your heart desires from Papa John’s stores. Frequent pizza eaters will benefit from this reward system, so make sure to get the benefits of every dollar you spend on Papa John’s pizza.

With these exciting new menu options and a great rewards system, it’s safe to say Papa John’s is making a comeback.

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