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Larossa in Capitol Hills Makes Condo Living Like Living with Nature

Larossa in Capitol Hills Quezon City

How’s the idea of living in the city yet breathing in fresh air while enjoying the shades of towering trees? It seems impossible alright, especially when there’s more vehicles than trees in our community. In my area where I live, I don’t see a  lot of trees actually, only plants in their pots and that’s not good enough. But my recent visit to a real estate development site in Quezon City made me realize it’s still a possibility. With the developer committed not to touch all the century-old trees in the area, Larossa in Capitol Hills promises to make condo living feel like living with nature. Located at the heart of Quezon City, near the University of the Philippines in Diliman and the Ayala Techno-Park, Larossa in Capitol Hills is envisioned to be an Urban Botanical Community. Unlike most real estate developer in the country which would uproot and transfer ...

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PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…


PLDT myDSL‘s series of Anna Banana television commercials are delightful to watch. But somehow, watching it on YouTube made me understand and appreciate it more. I guess that’s because I’m watching it with undivided attention and I get to catch every detail of it. I visited the Anna Banana YouTube Channel and watched all the videos. The first-ever Anna Banana TV commercial – Derek’s Anna Banana Song. Such a cute way of professing your love. I sure wish we have this technology in my teenage years. I also like the fact that Derek’s mom was very supportive, watching her son’s video every chance she gets. PLDT myDSL helped her accomplish the video reaching 100 hits, boosting Derek’s confidence. Such a cool mom!   But the sad part was when Derek got busted. It’s a good thing his family was there to stand by him in probably one of the saddest ...

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LG Home Entertainment’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

LG Home Entertainment - 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

At the latter part of the year 2012, I had the opportunity to represent Gadget Gambit as LG Home Entertainment unveils the world’s largest LED TV. It’s the 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV. Held at the Poliform Showroom in Makati City, the venue is the right setting for this breakthrough technology. LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV was given the “Best of Innovations” award in the Video Display category in the 2013 International CES Innovations Awards. This LED TV renders four times the resolution of the 42-inch LED High-Definition TV that’s now in the market, the 3840×2160 resolution offers vivid and crisp images. It is also equipped with LG’s Resolution Upscaler Plus technology, ensuring that whatever it is you’re watching, it is rendered in higher details even if the content is not meant for such viewing. Such features are truly deserving of recognitions. HD Technology has caught up ...

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Drooling Over Haworth Office Chairs

Haworth Zody Office Chairs Conference Room

As a freelance content writer and blogger, I spend the huge chunk of my day sitting. Recently, I found myself checking out ergonomic chairs. I wanted to buy one for many reasons and came across Haworth Office Chairs. It was my first time to drool over an office chair. Not that I haven’t been to an office with quality office chairs. I have, and even sat on the ones especially assigned to supervisors. And even when I was still holding an entry-level position, I make it a point that I’m seated on a good chair. It’s very important to me because it spells the difference on my productivity. Let me tell you why. Comfortable – a good chair is comfortable to sit on and I can stay in my cubicle working for prolonged periods of time. I’m not the type who would go around the office or spend time on ...

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A Condominium to Rise in Cubao – Ilustrata Residences

Final Building Model of Ilustrata Residences

I live near Cubao, Quezon City and I love the area because of its proximity to any point of Mega Manila. I have always hoped of having my own property here. I was glad to hear the news about a condominium to rise in Cubao – Ilustrata Residences. Real estate developer Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) has recently unveiled their first-ever residential condominium development – Ilustrata Residences. Situated along Col. Boni Serrano Avenue (former Santolan Road) in Cubao, Quezon City, I’d say this is a perfect place for cosmopolitan living. It’s a bit hidden from the city, yet it is in the city. In fact, it’s just a few steps away from all that’s happening. I personally cannot imagine being away from the city and all the conveniences that goes with it. This PRO-FRIENDS condominium is near EDSA, and that means being connected from north to south, east to ...

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