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Hizons Events and Catering

Hizon’s Catering Makes Your Dream Event Come True

Hizon's CateringI recently discovered that Hizon’s Catering can make your dream event come true. Nope, I’m not just talking about food. I’m referring to having a complete setup for children’s parties, corporate events, and of course, wedding. The catering company which has been in business since 1987 is capable of setting everything up, from the venue to the food served at the event.

If my memory serves me right, my first encounter with Hizon’s Catering was back in 2008. At that time I was still working for a BPO company, and we were celebrating our victory. The line of business where I was assigned to was handling the technical support of a US Cable Internet provider. We were voted top vendor for performance for three consecutive months!

I think there were 6 vendors handling the particular line of business, and to be topping all 5 was definitely a feat. The company celebrated with a rewards and recognition event, with Hizon’s in-charge of the catering.

My colleagues were delighted to know that the food is being handled by Hizon’s Catering. After my first plate, I understood why. The food was delicious that I had my second plate, haha! And so I learned that they have been part of many occasion in the Philippines. Aside from corporate events, they’ve been part of baptisms, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.

Children's Party Setup by Hizon's Catering

Children’s Party Setup

Kiddie Birthday Cake by Hizon's Catering

Like a kid at the partyBut very little did I know that they are also involved in the complete setup of events. They can give you birthday celebrations complete with the decors for a themed celebration. On the corporate front, Hizon’s Catering has extended its services to countless product launches, conferences, seminars, and festivities that mark the season like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

It’s not surprising because the catering firm has been recognized as one of the best. “We have really good food,” guarantees Hizon’s Catering General Manager, Joseph Hizon. “We invest a lot in developing the menu, in the preparation of the food, and in our equipment. We make everything from scratch. As part of our culture, we don’t allow instant food and flavorings in our kitchens,” he adds.

Hizon's Catering General Manager Joseph Hizon

Hizon’s Catering General Manager Joseph Hizon

Seminar setup by Hizon's Catering

Seminar setup

The biggest event they’ve handled had a whopping 15,000 guests but they can cater intimate gatherings of 50 persons as well. Menu packages start at P450 per person. It’s good to know that they’re flexible to client requirements.

Conference catered by Hizon's

A conference catered by Hizon’s

“We are not the cheapest but you get a lot for what you pay for, that’s what we’re known for, what we give you is of good value,” shares Joseph. “We take care of everything. Aside from the usual food, tables, chairs and waiter service, we can also handle the amenities. These are the small things that you don’t want to bother with like the bridal car. If you’re looking for a hotel in the area, we can put that in the package too,”. They have a team of event planners headed by Cheska Pineda and an event planner is assigned to every client to coordinate all the details, even the styling. “We don’t mark-up on it, it’s like an added service,” he points out. Having to deal with just one person lessens the headache and makes all the difference.

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Awards Night Themed Cocktail Setup by Hizon's Catering

Themed Cocktail StageHizon’s Catering always goes the extra mile to make your dream event happen. They even help those who are not their clients! Through their website, they are able to share their expertise with everyone. If you log on to www.hizonscatering.com and access the blog section, you will find tips for different types of parties, from conceptualization to implementation. The website also contains a list of churches and event venues, with photos and basic information about each. “We’ve made it easier for you!,” emphasizes Joseph. Incidentally, Hizon’s is the caterer accredited by the most number of venues in Metro Manila.

Recently, Hizon’s Catering showcased its versatility through a quadruple bash exclusively for bloggers. A different party occupied each of the four corners of Oasis Manila’s Pavilion. There I personally experienced what the company can do to make every dream event a reality.

Wedding stage and musician setup by Hizon's Catering

The newly wed couple eating cakeThe wedding was formal and featured an extensive buffet of soup, salad, and main course options plus a carving station. In contrast was the no-frills breakfast seminar set-up which had a spread of omelette filling choices and a cooking station. Appealing to the child in all the guests was the circus-inspired look of the kiddie party matched by a menu of finger food that suit the palate of tiny tots. It was all glam at the awards night section where hor d’oeuvres were passed around by waiters and a dessert spread was laid out to the attendees.

Wedding table setup

Throwing of bouquet ceremonyAll the dishes were whipped up by the kitchen team headed by chef Simon Dayrit. Event styling was by Drew Menor. The event was made possible with the support of Oasis Manila, Advent Light & Sounds, Sentimental Groove Band, Bars Datiles Design Props, Star Balloon, Enzuno Cakes, The Photoman, Keon Salon, Jerome Yu LED Projector, and Myra Lorenzo who emceed the program.

The event was enlightening for me. I have coordinated events in the past, particularly reunions. I tell you, it’s one of the most stressful thing to do, especially when setting everything up. Although we would end up booking restaurants, having a unique event with the help of Hizon’s Catering will definitely help in making the event even more a success. To make your dream event happen visit www.hizonscatering.com. You may also email [email protected] or call (02) 9250103 / (02) 9250107.

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