Griffin’s Biscuits from New Zealand are Now in the Philippines

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Griffin's Biscuits from New ZealandGriffin’s Biscuits from New Zealand are now in the Philippines. Yep, you can now enjoy a range of chocolate biscuits thanks to Universal Robina Corporation. I thought these goodies were manufactured by URC here in the Philippines, just like what they’re doing with the Jack ‘n Jill Calbee brand. I was wrong.

URC apparently bought Griffin’s back in 2014. That means these biscuits were actually manufactured in New Zealand and imported to the country. With that in mind, no doubt that we’re getting premium quality products.

Four unique bites of delight

Take an indulging bite on Griffin’s Toffee Delights, Chit Chat, and Squiggles, all baked in New Zealand with real New Zealand milk chocolate. I can attest that these are real chocolates because they melt easily.

A bag of Griffin's BiscuitsWhen you’re dealing with real premium chocolates, you’ll notice that it quickly melts. And that’s what happens with Griffin’s Biscuits. That made me realize why the packs I received came in a huge thermal bag.

My favorite Griffin's Biscuits are Toffee DelightsToffee Delights are my favorite. These treats are in milk chocolate and dark chocolate variants, with a sweet biscuit base topped with yummy caramel then smothered in real milk or dark chocolate. Yummy!

Chit Chat Griffin's BiscuitThere’s also Chit Chat, which goes all out on chocolate, with its two chocolate biscuits sandwiching a smooth chocolate cream filling, all covered in real milk chocolate. My auntie’s favorite is Squiggles. It’s a combination of sweet honeycomb cream and crunchy honeycomb pieces with a luscious milk chocolate coated biscuit.

Squiggles Griffin's BiscuitsI learned there’s Cookie Bear biscuits, baked with pure New Zealand milk. That’s not part of the blogger mail I received.

A taste of New Zealand

Griffin’s was founded in New Zealand by John Griffin, a humble flour miller over 150 years ago. Today, the biscuit brand is New Zealand’s number 1 snack food manufacturer, selling over 300 products from its two manufacturing facilities in Auckland.

Griffin’s has recently ventured into Asia and has successfully introduced its delightful creations to Singapore and Hong Kong biscuit lovers, extending the light-hearted joy and delight that Kiwis have experienced for generations.

Griffin's BiscuitsNow in the Philippines, Griffin’s is available in all leading supermarkets and selected Ministop stores nationwide. Get your stash of Griffin’s Toffee Delights, Chit Chat, and Squiggles and indulge in New Zealand’s favourite biscuits today. Share how much you love Griffin’s by joining the conversation online and using the hashtags #GriffinsBiscuits and #RealNZChocolate.

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