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How to GrabTaxi
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Convenience and Safety when Riding a Taxi with GrabTaxi

taxi line in makatiThere was a point in my life when I take a taxi ride to and from my office in Makati daily. Because I work in a call center, I don’t find it difficult to get a ride because of the off-peak hours. But at times I do get into such difficulty waiting for a ride. Worst, some would refuse to take me to my destination. I have also encountered rude or opportunistic drivers. I always wish there’s an easier way. Now my wish were granted as I recently discovered a service that promises utmost convenience and safety when riding a taxi with GrabTaxi.

Harnessing mobile technology using Android and iOS-enabled smartphones, commuters can book a cab using the GrabTaxi mobile app. This is perfect for people who needs to be on the go without the hassles of waiting, queuing on long lines and all those inconvenience of getting a cab in the metro.I tell you this service is heaven sent. Watch how it works…

The service is initially available in Metro Manila, with focus in Makati, Ortigas and some parts of Quezon City. GrabTaxi has currently partnered with two taxi companies with a huge fleet plying the metro. The area coverage and fleet partnership is set to grow as the company intends to strengthen the service further. Pretty soon, everyone will be able to take advantage of GrabTaxi service. The good news is, for now, the business districts are covered.

GrabTaxi Partner Fleet 247 Taxi with Drivers

GrabTaxi Partner Fleet 247 Taxi with Drivers

But aside from the convenience of getting a taxi ride, the service also offers safety. As GrabTaxi partnered with taxi fleets, this means that they are closely working with taxi companies and also addresses security. On the side of commuters, the mobile app provides detailed information, including the car’s plate number, driver’s name and photo. The plate number can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or emailed to a family member or friend with a link which allows the cab to be tracked. No need to take a photo of the cab’s plate number.

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GrabTaxiBooking a cab with GrabTaxi is indeed convenient, safe and cheaper too! Before, I would pay Php100 additional fee when booking a taxi. With GrabTaxi, it’ll only cost Php70.00. Grab the app on Google Play and App Store today and experience the convenience and safety when riding a taxi with GrabTaxi.


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