Grab Your Free Coca-Cola Collectible Glass at SM Food Court

Get a Free Coca-Cola Collectible Glass at SM Food CourtGrab your free Coca-Cola collectible glass at SM Food Court. I just did. I was at SM Megamall last Thursday and was quite hungry. I wanted to have a pizza but because I’m alone, I find it uncomfortable entering into a pizza place all by myself. I thought about SM Food Court, with it’s unassuming open space, everyone is welcome, even if you’re dining alone. I found myself at the counter of Greenwich Pizza

Grenwich Pizza All-Meat Overload and 2 Regular Coke

Food Court Promo StandeeI ordered an All-Meat Overload Double Pizza Thin Crust and two regular Coke, having remembered a standee at the entrance of the food court about the free Coca-Cola collectible glass. The standee poster indicated that for a minimum P250 single receipt food purchase inclusive of (2) two Coca-Cola products, I can get a free glass. I’m not really a collector, but I love Coca-Cola merchandises and thought this would add to what I already have.

After having my enjoyable snack, I proceeded to a booth to claim my Coca-Cola Collectible glass. I simply surrendered my receipt and was handed with my freebie. I was delighted to see that the glass is actually made of ceramic material. This is definitely collectible with its pop design. There are 5 designs to collect, I still have 4 more to go. Good thing the free Coca-Cola Collectible Glass promo at SM Food Court runs until August 15, 2014. That gives me a chance to collect all designs.

Free Coca-Cola Collectible GlassGrab your free Coca-Cola Collectible Glass at SM Food Court now. You can visit other SM Malls because the promo is happening in all SM Food Court nationwide. And the good thing about this promo is that you don’t have to stick to just one restaurant or food item. SM Food Court has many food concessionaires and you can choose where to go depending on what you’re craving at the moment. Aside from the many selections, there’s also plenty of space to sit and dine, alone or with family and friends.

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