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Three ladies in our family – my grandmother, my auntie and my mom – are all dressmakers. My mom went further by studying dressmaking and moved to become the master cutter of famous designers. I literally grew up with fashion as my mom would make me clothes that are fashion forward. Eventually, I learned to dress up naturally.

GQ International - Classic Dressing with Necktie worn with a White Shirt and Black PantsI am aware that it is important to dress for success. When I started working, I love wearing long sleeved button down shirts with necktie on. My contemporaries hate dressing up and would look forward to casual Fridays. I don’t, because I was never the fashion-challenged type. Of course I understand their predicament. Learning to wear the right color, even the necktie that would go well to an ensemble can be difficult if you really want to pull it off and look polished.

Today’s generation are very fortunate as the Philippines has seen the entry of foreign apparel labels through the years while home-grown brands has matured in their take of men’s fashion that they can now compete with imported brands.  The Philippine clothing industry changed and so did the taste and demand of the Filipino consumer.  The growth of the Internet and its accessibility has also changed local buying habits and attitude towards consumerism.

Men’s fashion in particular has grown in leaps and bounds in the Philippines. Years back, very few stores cater to men’s fashion alone. Today, we find boutiques for men that provides a wide range of styles. Unfortunately, some of these boutiques that I frequent before are no longer around. To compete in the fashion industry, only brands that have adapted to their customers’ shifting needs and made a conscious effort to be on top of the game as far as clothing is concerned remained stable. This kept loyal customers in coming back to their shops.  One of these labels is GQ International, a male clothing line dedicated to producing quality products.  Ten years ago, GQ International opened its business and sold their first set of luxuriously designed apparel using superb materials crafted by seasoned and skilled tailors and clothes makers.

GQ International - Gray Jacket over Light Colored Shirt and Black Pants

It’s quite notable that through the years, GQ International continues to design and produce quality clothes for its loyal and new customers. Their clothing lines create appeal among men with discriminating fashion sense because they make dressing-up effortless. That helps build their confidence and expand their wardrobe selection. Men usually dislike shopping, but a growing number has made the activity a weekend experience.  At GQ International, it’s easy to spend time perusing the fabrics and ample collection befitting any occasion. Even if you have no intention of buying, you’ll likely leave with something you never knew you wanted or needed.

GQ International - Suite worn over a Striped Shirt with Diagonal Striped Tie

The company believes that Filipinos’ view and take on fashion have indeed evolved over the years.  Men have become active fashion consumers. They have formed their own opinion, examined available merchandise and boldly experiments on new styles, willingly expanding their clothing preference and feeling more at ease wearing new colors and patterns. And yes, the fashion sensitive men these days have also expanded their choice of brands blending foreign and local garments and accessories to create that distinct fashion identity. Many have expanded their daily and formal clothing choices; coats and ties have become a favorite alternative to the traditional barong.

GQ International recognizes this robust shift in men’s buying habits and has tailored their product offering to suit a new male market while maintaining a practical approach to marketing their products. The company remains family-run to this day and specializes in formal wear, dinner and casual clothing range with a wide selection of dress shirts.  The GQ International design presents distinct patterns and colors that appeal to fastidious Filipinos, who consider modern fashion more seriously and as an extension of their personal taste and style.

Each GQ International dress shirt, tie, coat and trousers shows their chic design, fabric creation, and exacting new modern cuts for the complete outfit that brings excellence, comfort and luxury to evoke a feeling of satisfaction to its patron.  A GQ International ensemble helps one dress up naturally. it’s an inexpensive investment to look good. GQ International - Men in Suit

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