Going to Boracay via 2Go Travel is a Unique Experience

2Go Travel's M/V Saint Ignatius of LoyolaWe all want unique experiences when traveling, and recently, I had just that. I went to Boracay via 2Go Travel with other media guests on the 1st day of October. Naturally, the trip took longer than when on a plane but it’s one of the best I ever had.

It’s not my first time to travel on board a ship. As a matter of fact, I grew up riding a ship whenever I’d go on vacation to our province in Masbate. But the memories of those trips were not worthy of a recall. The boat is smelly, the food yucky and as a kid, I’m not allowed to roam around. Bummer, I know!

From Manila, we took a 4-hour bus ride to Batangas Port. We boarded 2Go’s M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola which took about 10 hours to get to Caticlan. Going to Boracay via 2Go Travel was never a boring ride because I was having a pleasant experience. Who wouldn’t? The entire ship has that hotel ambiance that not even a first-class plane ride can’t provide.

The front desk of 2Go Travel's M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola
The Front Desk of M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Immediately after a short briefing at the ship’s lobby, we each went our way to our assigned cabin. As expected, the cabin was quite small but can accommodate 4 passengers. There are two double decks, a LED TV, a cabinet and a toilet & bath. I love that the rooms has air conditioning system, and the beds are fitted with curtains for privacy. There’s also lighting for each bed, allowing the occupants to do whatever like read a book, do some work on a laptop, etc.

After getting ourselves settled, we headed to Horizon Cafe, the ship’s very own restaurant. If not for the buzz that you’d feel because of the ship’s machinery and feeling the waves of the ocean, you’d think you’re in a normal restaurant. The cafe has full air conditioning, well-lit and has a casual feel that allowed everyone to be at ease and start the getting-to-know-you phase.

Horizon Cafe of 2Go Travel's M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Horizon Cafe

The “fellowship” went on to Fiesta Island Bar. It’s at the topmost part of the ship where one can have a sip of cocktails and beers while being entertained by a band and singers. While it’s definitely not my type of entertainment, I’m still amused as this is the first time I ever encountered live performances on a ship. It’s like giving you a cruise ship experience, not that I’ve been to one.

Fiesta Island at night
Live band performances in the evening at Fiesta Island

Tired and sleepy, some of us went ahead to rest in our cabin. At around 4:30am, I found myself waking up and decided to take a bath while the rest are still asleep. Afterwards, I’ve decided to go back up to Fiesta Island Bar to enjoy the fresh air and wait for the sunrise. That was one beautiful experience as the waves carried my stress away, and my mind started to wander.


Early morning sight of Aklan on board 2Go Travel's M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Early morning sight of Aklan on board 2Go Travel’s M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Good morning!

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The weeks prior to my trip to Boracay was a crazy one. Although I enjoy working from home and at the same time going out to do coverage for my blog, it can be tiring. There’s a lot of things to be done that I found myself working past 2am several days. At a certain point, I thought I will be missing the opportunity to visit Boracay via 2Go Travel because of my deliverables. So I savored the moment; it felt good to be out there and just staring at the ocean, the waves and the horizon.

my breakfrast at Horizon Cafe
Breakfast time at Horizon Cafe

My moment was somewhat interrupted when I realized it’s time for breakfast. I headed to Horizon Cafe once again for quick meal, then proceeded back to the cabin to prepare for disembarkation as we near the Caticlan Jetty Port.Approaching Caticlan

Approaching Caticlan

We reached Boracay via 2Go Travel
We’ve arrived Caticlan Port

We took the same ship again when we left Boracay. It was a day trip and that allowed me to roam 2Go Travel’s ship. In the afternoon, I lingered at the Mezzanine where I was carried by the sight of the waves again. We also had the chance to talk of Captain Bobby Montayre.

The soft-spoken captain shared his experiences as a mariner since the early 80s. He’s been the Ship Captain of M/V Saint Ignatius of Loyola for 5 years already. Asked which is safer to travel, by sea or air, the captain was quick to point out that you have more chances of surviving from a sinking ship rather than a crashing plane. The shipping company adheres to the Philippine Maritime Law which I believed has evolved in response to the tragedies that happened in the sea.

Before, big vessels are allowed to sail even if Storm Signal No. 1 has already been raised. Now, all types of vessels on the sea are not allowed to leave the moment a storm signal is raised. In addition, the captain with the help of his crew also ensures that there’s no overloading. Gone are the days when a would-be passenger would simply ride the ship on the day of the voyage and pay for the fare right then and there.

Indeed, I felt safe taking this trip to Boracay via 2Go Travel and back. Unlike my childhood memories of riding a ship to Masbate, this recent travel has been a great one. It is truly a unique experience that I would love to spend with my family and loved ones next time. Check out the shipping company’s website for more details about visiting Boracay via 2Go Travel and other destinations. I hope this 2Go travel blog was useful for you in some way. If you traveled via 2Go already, comment below to share your experience.

I love 2Go Travel
Yep, I love 2Go Travel

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