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GMA 7 - To The Top Cycle 3 Updates

GMA To The Top Cycle 3 Happenings and Updates

GMA To The Top #TTTApoAcappellaI got to sit down and watch GMA To The Top last Saturday and Sunday. I’m really enjoying the Kapuso network’s first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines and knowing that the week will be the show’s first elimination round, I don’t want to miss it. I’m sure last week’s episodes were quite nerve-wracking for the contestants because there’s a lot at stakes to all these hopefuls. But I’m sure it was delightful experience as well just looking at their performances. GMA To The Top Cycle 3 happenings and updates are to the brim. The first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines is one exciting show.

The theme for Cycle 3 performances revolved in the APO Hiking Society songs, sung a cappella. To be honest, I was expecting to just watch each group sing, nothing more. I mean, no dancing or any kind of movements. It would have been a breather from all the dance and sing numbers that they’ve been doing. But who am I to question their choices? After all, this is a boy band competition, and the coaches are professionals who knew what they’re doing.

During the showdown, Team A gave fun performance with Anna. The group had to flex their acting muscles during the performance as they try to win one girl’s attention, and eventually, affection. Well, each member of the group did try to outdo one another alright, and for me, the result was not pleasant. Their voice are so loud and not in unison that they sounded like they were shouting in an attempt to overshadow the other. Here’s the video of their performance.

For me, Team B’s a cappella version of “Di Na Natuto” was really smooth and well-rendered. Their performance was what I was really hoping to see and that’s why I enjoyed it. The focus on the voice and some styling and movements did help in showcasing their singing voices. Kudos to their vocal coach, OJ Mariano, for making this decision. Watch their performance carefully to understand what I’m trying to say.

Team C performed “Salawikain” for the 3rd To The Top showdown with beatbox. It was a playful and fun performance, but comparing it with the 2nd group’s, the latter is really better. I think the beatboxing overshadowed their singing. Check out their performance in this video.

GMA To The Top #TTTFirstElimsWhile the team showdown was fun, the elimination night was a totally different story. Of course, nobody wants to leave the show, but that’s the way it is in such a competition. Initially, the weakest member from each group were called on stage AJ and Luis (Team A), Seph (Team B), and Cholo (Team C). Luis was actually included as punishment from his previous infraction. Then Team B was announced the winner, making Seph safe from elimination. Cholo was also given a shot in the arm as Team C came on second place. AJ and Luis had to do a showdown to determine who gets to stay. Check out what happened during GMA’s To The Top first elimination night where it was decided upon that Luis won’t be continuing in the competition.

That was one emotional episode, to say the least. Having heard of the showdown, I personally prefer Luis over AJ, but I guess the judges, particularly the GMA Artist Center and Jet Pangan were looking for a unique performer and not just the usual “birit” singing. But the sadness immediately went away when Team B was shown meeting one of the members of the APO Hiking Society, Buboy Garovillo. Such a nice prize for winning the cycle 3 showdown.

The boys of the To The Top also had fun in the game room where they played basketball, Snake ‘n Ladder, etc. But all the fun was cut short when they were interrupted for the announcement of the next showdown. At the latter part of the show last Sunday, it was seen that somebody got injured during the rehearsal for this weekend (Aug. 22 and 23). I really had no idea who it was until it was revealed on To The Top’s microsite that it was MJ Magno of Team B who had an accident. Will he be eliminated because of this?

I told you, there’s a lot of GMA To The Top Cycle 3 happenings and updates. Don’t miss To The Top, the first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines in its new time slot, Saturdays 10:40pm and Sundays 9:55pm. This is good news because I won’t have to worry about missing an episode.

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