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Filipino artist KC Nevada

Getting to Know Filipino Artist KC Nevada

KC Nevada holding one of her paintingsI love art and on several occasions featured them on my blog. But it’s very seldom that I get to sit down and meet the artist in an intimate setting. That’s why I welcomed the opportunity to get to know Filipino artist KC Nevada at Kamuning Bakery Cafe one afternoon.

KC was very open in discussing her life and passion about the arts. The artist who grew up from Baguio apparently attended painting classes at the age of 8 under Ted Caja, a renowned Filipino artist. She learned techniques, balance and harmony in painting. She went on to study at the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Program based in Geneva, Switzerland where her technical proficiency grew under the tutelage of Lee Tabert-Garrovillo. KC Nevada's paintings

The Artist and Her Story

One would think that painting is her passion. But it’s not just about the brush and canvass. As a matter of fact, her first love is musical theater. Yes, Filipino artist KC Nevada can sing, act, dance ballet, but ended up taking Communication Studies at the University San Francisco, California. Filipino artist KC Nevada

A KC Nevada workJust like the rest of us, KC also encountered some challenges in life. This led to her putting her artistry to the back burner. Her mind was set in supporting family, but a series of deaths in the family led her to art once again. Her last painting was in 2001.

Painting became a channel to cope for with depression and anxiety. But as KC went on, the art became therapeutic. One day she realized she had a lot of painting already. Family and friends encouraged her to put up her own show, but she refused. She challenged a friend to find a professional who’d agree to a show.

The photos of her paintings were sent to a professional who agreed for a show. One of her sponsors were the owners of the University of Baguio. KC’s first show was last April 9, and that made her think that “Maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” And this sparked her entry as a professional artist.KC Nevada's painting was never sad

KC Nevada’s Advocacy

As a single mom to a child with special needs, KC was relentless in looking for an institution that meet her son’s need. The artist discovered her son’s learning disabilities when he started school. She struggled finding schools for him because despite being cognitively capable, there is delay in learning. This prompted her to take up Masters in Secondary Education at Saint Louis University in Baguio.

KC proudly shows one of the hand-painted scarf one of her students made

KC proudly shows a hand-painted scarf one of her students made

Nevada moved to Manila in hopes to find a school for her son that would help him reach his full potential.  In 2016, she found Wordlab School, Inc for his son. She volunteered to teach Art to high school level children with learning challenges.  There she did pro-bono work for three months and donated art materials for the classes she taught.  She is now a full-time employee of Wordlab School and handles Middle School and High School level art classes. Her students’ work will be exhibited in December.One of KC Nevada's painting in her April 2016 show

KC Nevada’s Work

A Colorful Painting by KC NevadaI love Filipino artist KC Nevada’s works of art. She shared that when she started painting again, she didn’t want to paint what she was feeling at that time. She wanted to paint what she wants to feel. The artist also seeks to bring her audience to a beautiful place through her paintings.

KC Nevada's cat paintingIndeed, KC’s paintings are never lonely. Looking at her work, I felt happy at one point, then calm, but never the negative emotions, and I admire her for that. It takes a lot of strength to consciously make an effort to paint something other than what you’re feeling.

A paiting by KC NevadaI remembered a comment from a friend about my painting. Yes, I did some painting myself, and a friend said it looks lonely. That wasn’t intentional, but I know at that point in my life that I was lonely. It was a pleasure getting to know Filipino artist KC Nevada. Seldom do I meet one who shares her heart by expressing good vibes on her artworks and advocating for children with special needs. Check out more of her works on her Facebook Page Nevada wants to bring you to a beautiful place

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