Get Your Pure 4G Prepaid Internet by Wi-Tribe at 7-Eleven
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Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick

Get Your Pure 4G Prepaid Internet by Wi-Tribe at 7-Eleven

There’s been a lot of talks about 4G Internet connection lately from different Internet service providers. It’s been pretty interesting to follow the developments of Internet technology in the country. As an online entrepreneur, a blogger and a heavy Internet user, connectivity is always critical. I’ve experienced bad connection before, missing deadlines, et al. I simply require a steady connection, which somehow, I am able to achieve with my current provider 90% of the time. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring other options. I talked about Wi-Tribe before but I never got the chance to really explore their service primarily because it’s postpaid.

I was happy to learn that they now have a prepaid service — the Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick, and I can get it at 7-Eleven. Wi-Tribe is the pioneer in 4G service, and their claim of offering pure 4G connectivity is true to the core. Unlike the other telcos who is able to offer 3G or 4G connection but would eventually put you at a lower bandwidth when the higher bandwidth is not available or in full capacity, Wi-Tribe doesn’t simply because they don’t offer such. That means getting the quality of connection all the time. Along with other bloggers, I had the chance to talk to it’s executives who shared their technology with the facts, not promises. Mr. Jay Reantaso, Wi-Tribe Marketing Communications Manager shared that their network coverage continues to expand and is now capable of offering better connectivity to it’s subscribers. But he also does not discount the fact that because of the nature of wireless connectivity, it’s bound to be affected by one’s area, such as buildings, trees, weather, etc. That was one of my concerns why I have yet to take a step in getting a Wi-Tribe subscription.

The prepaid service in USB dongle is a welcome news as I can now test their service against the areas I frequent and determine if their service meets my requirements. Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick is not your usual prepaid stick dongle. First, it doesn’t have a SIM. Second, it comes in a unique packaging — a reusable coffee tumbler. Third, subscribers can choose which speed to use: 512kbps, 2Mbps or 6Mbps — all in 4G bandwidth. The prepaid stick is available at any Wi-Tribe experience center or at any 7-Eleven Convenience Store in the metro, for P995 with an initial load for 1 month on 2Mbps. That’s basically getting the kit free!

After using up the initial load, one can simply choose which speed to use by simply load the corresponding amount:

Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick Pricing

You can actually load up depending on your budget or on your speed requirements. The 6Mbps is a very good option when downloading a lot of stuff online, you know what I mean, right? The good thing about this is that 7-Eleven can be found anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t have to wait for a store to open just so I can get my fix of pure 4G Internet connection. I will definitely put this new product to test! I wonder how it’ll be surfing the web on 6Mbps.. I’m excited! Are you wondering too? Then get your Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Prepaid Stick at a 7-Eleven store near you now!7-Eleven and Wi-Tribe Executives Strikes a pose

For more information on this pure 4G prepaid Internet connection, visit Wi-Tribe‘s website.

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