Land Registration Authority's A2A Program

Get Land Titles Easily via Land Registration Authority’s A2A Program

Secure Land Titles Easily via Land Registration Authority's A2A ProgramLand Registration Authority’s A2A Program ends the woes of landowner difficulty of securing land titles in the Philippines. Land titles, or Certified True Copies (CTCs) of real estate documents are part of due diligence when buying a property in the country. It also serves as the documents validating the authenticity of the real estate.

There’s definitely a lot of things to take care of if you’re a landowner. The Land Registration Authority (LRA) is the government agency handling the issuance of CTCs of titles in the country. In addition to this function, the LRA serves to issue decrees of registration, works to issue transfer certificates of title, and keeps a title history of record transactions of titled lands.

In addition to the LRA’s mission to manage functions relating to properties in the country, the agency has also focused its efforts in improving user access to their services through the use of advanced automated systems and modern facilities. In particular, one of its biggest moves was the launch of its Anywhere-to-Anywhere (A2A) service. The service answers the all too common concern of landowners in the facility of securing certified true copies of titles kept in different Registries nationwide.

People waiting in lineBefore, one would have to travel to the location where their property is registered to request for their title. Not to mention the time you have to spend on waiting on the line. This time-consuming and can also be costly as well. Land Registration Authority’s A2A Program changes the face of securing CTCs by putting all their titles under the jurisdiction of a computerized registry.

To use the A2A, a landowner simply has to go and visit the nearest Registry of Deeds to him/her. A form will be then required to be filled out with the title number, name of owner, and the local area of Registry of Deeds where the copy of the title is. A processing fee needs to be paid at the end of the process and the landowner will be given an official receipt that he/she has to submit on the day he can claim his CTC. The owner will then get a CTC of their property title.

Land Registration Authority's A2A Process Infographics
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The service is part of the LRAs efforts to better serve the public. Though the agency has been around for more than a century as sole repository for land titles, it is one of the most lauded government organizations when it comes to keeping up with the times. In fact, on February 2017, the government agency received a recognition as an ISO 9001:2008 compliant government organization.

Secure your CTCs convenientlyThe ISO certification signifies that the LRA practices clear policies, demonstrates good planning, resource management, and commitment to the public as certified by international standard assessors. The computerized service is just among the many efforts of the agency to deliver efficient service to the public.

Land Registration Authority's A2A ProgramLand Registration Authority’s A2A Program is a game changer among landowners who often have to go through the painstaking process of getting the documents they need for their properties. Drop by the nearest A2A Registry of Deeds closest to you and check the Land Registration Authority’s website for more information.

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