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Gerrys Grill New Look

Gerry’s Grill Reinvents Dining Experience with New Look

Gerry's GrillEven before I started blogging, Gerry’s Grill has been one of the restaurants that I go to with family and friends. That’s why I immediately gave it a nod when an invite came along. The restaurant opened branches back-to-back, one at the Mega Strip B of SM Megamall, and the other at Aseana in Pasay City. We were served with favorites such as Fried Tilapia, Pancit Canton, Pork Barbeque, etc. But what I noticed are the different looks of both restaurants as Gerry’s Grill reinvents dining experience with new look.

Main Dining Area with another foliage installed at Gerrys Grill Megamall

Casual dining is still the vibe at Gerry’s Grill. And I really love the big wide space for both branches. One thing that I noticed at the Megamall branch are the foliage installed on the walls of the dining area. They’re a total departure from the decors that you would see in restaurants. I initially thought they were plastic; I was wrong. The plants are real, and there’s a fully automated water system to nourish them. Gerry’s Grill Senior Marketing Manager Francis Villaluz shared, “The lighting is calibrated in a way that it has the same effect as sunlight.” Interesting!

Gerrys Grill Aseana from the outside

The Aseana outlet, meanwhile, feels like you’re having al fresco dining. Looking up, you’ll see balconies and huge windows with different look and lighting fixtures installed. it’s actually an updated version of Old Manila, and is very Filipino. It’s like staying in a huge patio while enjoying Gerry’s Grill Filipino dishes. With huge windows allowing natural light to come in, it really feels like you’re eating outside.

Having different looks is a nice idea because it makes dining experience unique. But one good thing that will never change is good food served by Gerry’s Grill. While we were able to enjoy the old favorites at the Megamall branch, we got to try the Region’s Hidden Treasures. These are dishes found in some region in the Philippines.

As much as I would love to taste these dishes from their place of origin, it will take time for that to happen. Gerry’s Grill offers this experience and it’s more cost-effective. It was actually my first time to eat Dinakdakan, Chicken Pandan, Ginataang Kuhol, Tinomok, Sugba Kilaw and Thako. Don’t forget to pair it up with Binagoongan Rice. All delicious food that I highly recommend.

Gerry’s Grill has 71 branches nationwide. They even have two branches in the US and Singapore and soon, in Qatar. Seeing how Gerry’s Grill reinvents dining experience with new look, I’m curious how the other branches will look like when they open. I’m also looking forward to visiting the other restaurant under the Gerry’s Group of Companies such as Gerry’s Plus, Ramen Sora, Sweet Chili, Kusina ng Gerry’s and Yakitori Binchotan. Check out the restaurant’s website at www.gerrysgrill.com and connect on social media (FB: gerrysgrill.com.ph / Instagram: @gerrysretaurant) for more updates.

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