Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the Bay

Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the BayI found myself at Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the Bay after craving for Korean BBQ. This is the first Philippine branch of the restaurant chain from Los Angeles, California. The place is huge but dim and feels like I entered a hip bar, something I’m not fond of. But the thought that they offers all-you-can-eat meat and seafood is enough to win me over.

Don’t get me wrong. The “something I’m not fond of” thing I was referring to is entering a bar as I’m not really into that kind of thing. I prefer to eat rather than drink alcoholic beverages. I actually love the place with its modern lights and furnishings. And because the place is really big, there’s ample space to move around. Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the Bay is a 500 seater dining area.

The new restaurant in Pasay City the perfect place to get together for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, or simply a pig-out session with friends. As a matter of fact, I was one of the 30+ guests invited and I still see other customers having dinner and not being disturbed by our group. You can definitely enjoy dining whether you belong to a small or large group.

Premium Chadol at Gen Korean BBQ House

Grilling premium chadolAfter getting settled into the cozy ambiance, I was ready to eat. One by one, our meats in different forms and permutations arrived at our table – bieef belly, pork cheek, ox intestine, pork belly, pork loin, angus brisket, short rib, etc. These are premium meats imported from the USA, and you can tell the quality when you start eating. The seafood are sourced locally and are also fresh. We ordered shrimp, and calamari towards the end and really enjoyed it.

A warning for those who love spicy Korean dishes. You won’t have it here at Gen. Although some of the dishes have the spice, I think it’s set at level 1. Yes, unlike other Korean restaurant where you can choose your level of spiciness, that’s not possible here. That’s pretty understandable as they have to maintain the dining experience from their US counterpart.

I have to admit I was quite disappointed with the lack of spice that I wanted. However, I still enjoyed the food. I savored the grilled meats and seafood with all its flavors and juiciness. That’s something that you might miss if the food is too spicy.

The dining table at Gen Korean BBQ House can seat 6 customers

Blogger Martin Andrade grilling the meat
Blogger Martin Andrade grilling the meat

Take note though that you have to grill the meat yourself. But even if you don’t know how to do it, the staff will help you out. They’ll assist you in getting started and provide cooking tips. I learned that you have to place the meat at the center of the grilling plate; when done, the meat can be set on the side to keep warm.

Gen also serves a number of side dishes and condiments that can be added to grilling meat. This elevates the dining experience as it gives a unique savory tastes. With the modem ambiance of the black-lit restaurant, it’s truly a unique experience worth your while.

I also love that the staff are friendly and attentive. If the grilling plate is starting to get burnt, they’ll replace it. You’ll also get refills of your drink as soon as possible.

A Gen Korean BBQ House staff assisting us on grilllingExperience the Gen Korean BBQ House dining experience. The restaurant has amazing promos and offers in store for everyone. Experience #GenPrimetime from 2pm-6pm for Php898 and 6pm onwards for Php1288. You get to enjoy select meats and unlimited drinks at a bargain deal. Prime meats and drinks for the prime time to dine!

Yakult Soju at Gen Korean BBQ House
Yakult Soju

Although the restaurant is not a bar, they serve wine, liquors, cocktails, and even Soju. I actually had a glass of Yakult Soju which I liked because of the milk’s flavor. This is perfect for the party animals out there, especially on #PrimetimeFridays. Every Friday, aside from having delicious meals and drinks, you get to enjoy hot new hits played by select DJs in the metro.

Gen Korean BBQ House All-You-Can-Eat MenuHead over to Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the Bay and get a taste of what this restaurant from Los Angeles has to offer. Get updates on social Facebook @GenKBBQPH and lnstagram @Genkbbq_ph.

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