GCash Customer Protect program for Users Launched

GCash Lead for Customer Protect Miggy Santos
GCash Lead for Customer Protect Miggy Santos

The GCash Customer Protect Program was launched for users’ peace of mind. If you’re a freelancer or a member of freelancing groups on Facebook, chances are you’ve encountered horror stories about losing money on GCash. The stories would have made you worried that you might have decided not to use the service altogether. Worry no more.

Leading mobile wallet GCash, powered by fintech startup Mynt, cares and created a program that provides users with increased peace of mind when using the app. Under the Customer Protect program, GCash users are assured of compensation for unauthorized financial transactions on their GCash app, GCash on Messenger or GCash Mastercard platforms arising from instances such as stolen mobile phones or identity theft.

GCash Customer Support pageThis is a great initiative for users just like me. Although I have yet to experience such fraud because I take extra precautions on my transactions, it feels good to know that I may fall victim of such hacking or scam, but need not worry because of the program. I mean, who knows what could happen especially with scammers getting better at their skills to steal money.

All that a user has to do is to file a report regarding any irregular transaction-such as unauthorized withdrawals or point-of-sale (POS) purchases-on GCash’s official customer care channels within 15 days from the date of the said transaction. Eligible and valid disputes can be reversed for amounts of up to P100,000.

GCash Full Verification Process Infographics“The GCash Customer Protect program is a recourse that our valued users can take should they unfortunately fall prey to physical or virtual theft,” said Anthony Thomas, GCash president and chief executive officer. At the same time, the Customer Protect program is a campaign for increased cybersecurity awareness and education, especially regarding full verification of one’s GCash account. “It is extremely important for users to comply with the verification process of GCash based on the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) mandates of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,” explained Thomas.

Full verification on GCash requires a user to establish legitimate identity through submission of valid government identification cards and a selfie, as well as a series of mobile phone and contact information verification. Fully verified GCash users can receive compensation of the actual amount of unauthorized transactions not exceeding P100,000. Semi-verified users can receive compensation up to P10,000 while basic users can receive up to P2,000.

GCash Customer Protect prompt on mobile“Our intelligent risk management approach remains to be the first line of defense in protecting our users,” said Thomas. “Using our advanced risk capabilities, we analyze and monitor transactions round-the-clock to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.” “Our Customer Protect program is an added benefit we extend to GCash users for their enhanced peace of mind and maximum enjoyment of the advantages that a fully digital lifestyle brings,” he concluded.

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