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Soundfreaq Sound Kick Speakers ANGLE

Sound Trip with Soundfreaq Sound Kick Portable Speakers

World-renowned speaker brand Soundfreaq brings to you the Sound Kick portable speaker. It’s loaded with smart features for smart devices, perfect for every techie audiophile out there. Soundfreaq speakers deliver premium sound for a wireless world.

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Sound Kick’s wireless streaming feature via stereo Bluetooth, will let you play your songs from any app or from any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Enjoy up to 7 hours of AC-free listening, Sound Kick will surely help set the mood you’re aiming for. Sound tripping is perfect with Sound Kick, it can be used for outdoor and indoor.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Speakers ANGLE

Sound Kick also makes sure that connection remains uninterrupted. Charge mobile devices and other accessories with Sound Kick’s universal USB power port even if it’s running on battery power. Pretty cool huh?

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Speakers TOP UI

For more information on SoundFreaq, visit or follow SoundFreaq speakers are available at any of the following stores: 8Telcom, Astrovision, Beyond The Box, Buzz, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central Electronics, FutureWorld, Gadgets in Style, Gui, iCenter, iStore, iStudio, Listening Room, Meetrovii, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Power Mac Center, Sights and Sounds, and Technoholics.

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