FUJIFILM Business Innovation Improves Print Productivity with High-Speed A3 Monochrome Printers

FujiFilm Poster ApeosPrint 4560S
ApeosPrint 4560S

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. launches three A3 monochrome printers, the ApeosPrint 4560 S / 3960 S / 3360 S, that comes in print speeds of 45ppm, 39ppm, and 33ppm respectively.

As the smallest and lightest monochrome printers in their class, the ApeosPrint 3960 S and 3360 S are ideal for service counters or offices with space limitations as users can have the flexibility to install the device according to their workplace requirements.

The ApeosPrint 4560 S supports input paper capacity of up to 2,300 sheets while the ApeosPrint 3960 S and 3360 S can support up to 2,000 sheets, allowing paper re-fill operations to be minimized for greater work efficiency, Furthermore, the three new printers can support a wide variety of paper types and sizes such as shipping slips, open style postcards and long paper up to 297×1,200 mm for in-house promotional materials creation.

The new printers are equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary technology, Super EA-Eco toner, fused onto the paper at low temperatures to deliver high-resolution printing. The toner uses micro-sized particles to produce extremely fine-grained prints achieving a resolution of up to 1,200 dpi. In addition, energy consumption efficiency and energy power consumption during sleep mode are improved with the aim of reducing the product’s environmental impact for a more sustainable environment.

Main Features of ApeosPrint 4560 S / 3960 S / 3360 S

  • High-speed monochrome printing of 45/39/33 prints per minute
  • Maximum paper capacity input up to 2,300 sheets
  • High-resolution printing of 1,200x1200dpi
  • Compatible with Universal Print by Microsoft
  • Supports simultaneous network connection via wired LAN and wireless LAN
  • High durability of 1.8 million sheets

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