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Sushi-Ya SM Megamall

Food Trip at Sushi-Ya Megamall

SM Mega Food SaleSo there I was at SM Megamall for the Food sale trying to figure out which restaurant to dine in and get started with my ultimate food trip. With so many restaurants offering various cuisine in this mall, it can be hard to put my fingers on the right spot. I eventually opted for one where I haven’t been before — the Japanese restaurant Sushi-Ya Megamall.

August 19th is the last day of the Mega Food Sale. And this restaurant is offering Salmon Surprise Maki on a buy-one-take-one deal. Customers basically get 16 delicious Maki which I enjoyed a lot. This food is always my starter when I eat at a Japanese resto. Sushi-Ya makes it perfect; it feels freshly made as I relish every morsel of it in my mouth. The flavor is just right, even the mango doesn’t overpower.

Sushi-Ya Megamall

Then I had the bento box. At the sight of it, I knew I made the mistake of ordering the one good for two, especially because my companion is not very adventurous to eating. Bento gives diners the chance to try the restaurant’s offerings. This is perfect because I haven’t been to Sushi-Ya Megamall. I had Ika (squid) Teppanyaki with bean sprout. Vegetable tempura, cucumber, and tuna maki, agedashi tofu, and egg, Kani, and tuna sashimi are all in the box. It also comes with 2 cups of steamed rice and bottomless iced tea.

Salmon Surprise Maki at Sushi-Ya SM Megamall

The squid is tender, bean sprout crunchy, really tasty sushi, melt-in-your-mouth tofu. I could go on and on in praise of how good the food is. For quality and quantity, P310 is worth the price for this Bento Box.

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Delicious Bento at Sushi-Ya SM Megamall

While enjoying the food, I had a realization. The food items at Sushi-Ya Megamall are not expensive at all. That’s contrary to how I perceive it to be whenever I pass by it. That’s why I never braved going inside. When compared to other restaurants in the same category, I’m getting my money’s worth here. I ended up bringing half of my Salmon Surprise with me because I’m already full. Also, I remembered I’m at SM Megamall for a food trip. Although I already accomplished that at Sushi-Ya. I now have a new favorite Japanese restaurant.

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