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More Reason to Enjoy Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John's Pizza - Tuscan Six Cheese

I really enjoyed my experience the first time I dined at Papa John’s Pizza. The food was flavorful and the ambiance at their Jupiter Branch was really cozy. However, paying for over a thousand pesos for two single servings of pasta, sodas and a regular-sized pizza was quite pricey for me. Still, I made a point to visit this pizza place once in a while. I know that what they offer is different from what other pizza and pasta restaurants can deliver as far as the quality of food is concerned. Their “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” tagline works for me. Recently, I discovered that they slashed their prices off and is now offering their very own Kiddie Party Packages. Now there’s more reason to enjoy Papa John’s Pizza!   Moms and Dads won’t have to worry about celebrating their children’s birthday party with Papa John’s new Kiddie Party Packages. There ...

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Chuck’s Deli Foods at My Doorsteps Delivered by Foodie.ph

Chuck's Deli - Sloppy Joe

I was indisposed for more than a week, having been bedridden for a couple of days. I had to content myself with quick fixes for food. I live alone you see, and most of the time I am out roaming, so I seldom keep decent food to eat at home. From time to time I do get my food for delivery, but I was not in the mood for the usual. Then I discovered Foodie.ph and fancied about Chuck’s Deli foods at my doorsteps. What attracted me to Foodie.ph was their wide selection of restaurants where I can order for a minimum of P300. The minimum order is similar to a fastfood chain’s requirement, but better because the restaurants on the list are not just fastfood. I decided to order at Chuck’s Deli, having missed an invite from a friend at this restaurant in Eastwood. Just like most online delivery ...

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Zest-O Slice is Fruity in Every Drink

Zest-O Slice Fruit Juice Drink

There’s so many bottled drinks now in the country, and every brand is claiming one thing or another. Unfortunately though, most of them taste basically the same and does not offer anything new. While sick, I was introduced to a new set of fruit juice drinks. It’s Zest-O Slice in 355mL bottles, and it’s fruity in every drink. Zest-O Slice has four variants: Dalandan, Orange, Grapple and Mango Burst. Dalandan and Orange flavors are reminiscent of the Zest-O juice in foil packs. Grapple is a combination of grapes and apple and looked like a bottled ice tea drink. But then I realized that when you juice the grapes and apple, they don’t have purple or red colors but has the deep brown consistency, just like iced tea. It dawned on me that Grapple is no iced tea, rather it’s fruit juice. My favorite is Mango Burst. It is a combination ...

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Drink RC Cola for a Refreshingly Unique Taste

RC Cola

When you think about cola drinks, there’s usually two brands that would come to mind when you want some refreshment. Fortunately for me, being a kid in the 1970s, I remember other brands, particularly RC Cola. One afternoon, during a visit with my relatives, they served they handed me a glass of the drink. I was surprised that the brand is here again. From that point on I drink RC Cola for a refreshingly unique taste. RC Cola is actually a US brand. It was originally known as Chero-Cola when it was launched in 1905. It was eventually reformulated in 1934 and relaunched as Royal Crown, or what is known today as RC Cola. As a kid, I only remember seeing posters of RC Cola. I’m not sure if I ever tasted it before. But I’m glad it’s back in the country and I’m enjoying it now. RC Cola is ...

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Celebrate Sweet Moments with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red

A Toast to Sweet Moments with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red

Moments of victories, anniversaries, birthdays and even just simple gatherings with family and friends are sweet moments worth cherishing. Celebrate sweet moments with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red. Carlo Rossi Sweet Red is a red wine made of grapes grown in sun-drenched vineyard in California. It has layers of vanilla, bright red cherries and wild raspberry flavors. The wine, which can be enjoyed chilled or with ice, is bursting with flavor and aroma. I’m not fond of drinking wine and spirits because of the taste. But Carlo Rossi Sweet Red is a hit for me. It has a different kind of sweetness. I love drinking it chilled or with ice. Knowing the health benefits of drinking red wine, it looks like I’ll be an avid Rossi Sweet Red drinker. That is, of course, aside from serving it on special occasions. Celebrate sweet moments with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red wine. The celebration ...

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Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon at The Fireplace

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

Famous for its superior quality and fresh flavor, The Fireplace introduces Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon with an exquisitely crafted menu by Chef Noel showcasing its fine texture and taste. This is another offering that you’ll love from The Fireplace, an upscale grill room perfect for wining and dining. Native of the pristine unpolluted waters of Tasmania, this famed Atlantic Salmon makes up only around 1.5% of the world’s salmon production. Enriched with omega-3 and proteins, discover the richness of this Atlantic salmon variety with selections like Roasted Herbs Crusted Salmon with Creamy Spinach, Peppered Salmon Steak with Cognac Pepper Cream Sauce and more. The perfect sweet conclusion is the luscious Hot Chocolate Soup. A signature dessert at The Fireplace, this rich, velvety and creamy dark chocolate is topped with a scoop of cracked pepper vanilla ice-cream, a unique chocolate creation that has a reputation of its own. Taste of Tasmanian Atlantic ...

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Great Food and Drinks + Hip Vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati

I’ve talked about about Mondo Juice in my blog, calling it a healthy alternative to the proliferating coffee lifestyle in the city. Last year, I shared a better milk tea from SIP Milk Tea. Here’s good news! Both juice bar and milk tea shop are now in one location. It’s the perfect equation: great food and drinks + hip vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati. Located along Rada (Thailand) Street in the midst of corporate Legaspi Village in Makati, you’ll find Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea in combined location. These cafes are actually owned and managed by one group, hence, it’s not a surprise to see them in one dining area. I was aware that the milk tea shop will be having a branch in Makati, but when I dropped by recently, I was surprised with what I saw. Entering the place, it’s one huge dining ...

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Bonding Time with the New Jollibee Flip Floats

Gerald Anderson and Jollibee Flip Floats

Whether going for an exciting road trip, hanging out at the mall or enjoying an invigorating sport together, the list of fun things to do with friends goes forever. These bonding times with friends becomes extra special with the new and refreshing Jollibee Flip Floats – the latest cool drink from our favorite fastfood joint. Jollibee Flip Float turns your regular float drink upside down. It’s flipped! Soft vanilla sundae immersed under a refreshing iced cold beverage topped with delectable chocolate syrup and crushed cookies. Friends looking for a cold beverage that complements their hip and exhilarating activities can choose between the Chocolate Flip Float and Coffee Flip Float. Whether cooling down after a tiring ball game or freshening up after a day at the mall bonding with girlfriends, everyone can indulge in their favorite Flip Float flavors any time of the day because they are perfectly priced at only ...

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Filipino Dishes with a Twist at Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio

Oriang Super Fried Rice (215Php) - Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio

Looking for a new place to dine out? I recommend Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio where you’ll find Filipino dishes with a twist. Located at Fiesta Market in Taguig’s Market! Market!, the restaurant opened only last month. The team of restauranteurs led by Vic and Alfredo Wenceslao decided to put up a unique concept that still treads the path of Andres Bonifacio, naming it after the wife of the father of the Philippine Revolution – Gregoria de Jesus, also known as Aling Oriang. I love the place. It’s huge an airy. Oriang is also well-lit because of the front glass panel that allows the natural light to come in. The design is modern, yet not the “in your face” kind of thing that other restaurants would want it. The ambiance lends a welcoming vibe, not the intimidating kind. While we wait for other bloggers to arrive, we ordered some drinks. ...

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Chef Robby Goco and his Italian Porchetta Takes on the Food Truck Challenge

Italian Porchetta

Everybody loves good food. And now, more than ever, good food is all over the metro and has become more affordable than it used to be. Thanks to the kitchen masters, the chefs, who has become a part of the regular dining scene in the country. There was a time when I only see them on fine dining restaurants, the pages of the magazines or on television. That’s no longer the case and I had the chance to meet some of them. Recently, I was at Cyma Restaurant Shangrila where I met Chef Robby Goco who is set to take on the Food Truck Challenge with his Italian Porchetta at the Manila Food and Wine Festival 2013 on February 22nd. Chef Robby will present his take on Porchetta, usually referred to as the “Italian roast pork lechon” – made of savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary ...

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