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Dining at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken Eastwood

Our dishes at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken Eastwood

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to eat at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken Eastwood branch. Hot Star claims to be the number 1 chicken shop in Taiwan and has been in operation in the Philippines since 2014. That made me wonder why I haven’t heard about the restaurant. I love chicken, and as they proudly declare of ...

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Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series Videos Went Viral

Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

By now, I’m sure you’re already aware of the Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series videos. It has gone viral and I’ve seen my Facebook feeds filled with reactions and shared videos. I got to watch it on Monday, February 6th media screening and was hoping to blog about it in time for the release. I was surprised when the videos were ...

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The Daily Beans Antipolo is My New Foodie Discovery

The Daily Beans is my new foodie discovery

I love coffee and I’m happy camper when discovering new coffee places in the country. Unfortunately, when I got an invite to The Daily Beans Antipolo in December, I had to forgo the opportunity because of conflict in schedules. It’s a good thing I got invited once again, and off we go to the East side on the 1st Sunday of ...

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Going Vegan at Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant

After all the eating I went through during the Christmas season, it’s normal to slow down on food consumption. While dieting is not part of my New Year’s Resolution, I am aware that I need to eat healthy. I’m aware of the benefits of vegetables, but I’m definitely not going that route. But I accepted the opportunity to dine at ...

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Have a STEAKation with McDonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak

A STEAKation with McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak

I love having staycations, it’s where I get to relax and destress. I have to be honest though, having one at a whim is not possible. Good thing a STEAKation with McDonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak is always a possibility. Had the chance to try the newest offering from my favorite fastfood chain and I must say I love it! The ...

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Asian Culinary Experience at Makansutra Megamall

KF Seetoh presents the sampler from Makansutra Megamall

Five days before Christmas I had the chance to visit Makansutra Megamall. I’ve seen the place but never got really curious about it. Besides, when in the area, exploring new restaurants is the last thing on my mind. I’m always up and about attending events and I know that there will always be food one way or another. My last ...

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