Flour Plan is Cooking for the Busy Bee

I Cooked a Meal with Flour Plan

A box of Flour PlanHere’s a heaven sent for busy people – Flour Plan! I received a box filled with ingredients to cook, with a recipe to boot. Now I’m no good cook. And I’m busy. So these things makes me curious to try.

A quick research of Flour Plan made me more curious. It’s been in business as early as 2016, targeting those who are into baking. But the contents on my box are for cooking a dish called Skillet Sausage N’ Rice. Now this is a relief for me because I don’t have to bake. I don’t have a regular oven to do that.

It looks like the company shifted from serving those who bake, and is now serving anybody who wants to cook a dish or a dessert. So armed with all the ingredients, including pre-measured ones like salt and pepper, I made an attempt to cook something special. Skillet Sausage N’ Rice. I like the sound of that. 😉

Inside the Flour Plan boxThe cooking instructions seemed pretty straightforward. It gives me a sense of confidence that I can cook. I mean, I can do some cooking – frying, boiling, sauté. But when it comes to cooking a special meal, that’s a different story. Even making a pasta was not a complete success, hehehe.

But hey, give me some instructions and I should be able to do that. I remember my mom telling me what to do so I can cook Tinola. After prepping, I proceeded to follow Flour Plan’s instructions on making Skillet Sausage N’ Rice.

While prepping, I added some onions and garlic because I think that what’s in the box is not enough. I also think that the bell pepper is quite small. I would have wanted more to balance it out with the rice. And I think I added a lot of rice that the Chicken Cube + Water Mix was not enough to add color to the entire dish. BUT (capslock para intense), it’s still a successful meal that we all enjoyed.

I cooked Skillet Sausage N' riceIf you’re a busy mom who has to cook for your family come lunch or dinner time. Or even the millenials out there adulting and trying to live on their own. And everyone in between who’s really busy with very little time to visit the market or grocery to shop for food to cook. Flour Plan is for you.

I Cooked a Meal with Flour PlanYou can simply visit their website at, choose which one you’d like to cook, place an order, wait for the delivery, then cook. The good thing is you can shop while you’re on the go, probably while driving to pickup your kids at school, or on your way to your next meeting or gig.Flour Plan Website

I really am loving all these online business services that keeps popping up in the metro. It makes life really convenient and allows you to enjoy life a little more. And even you’re not a good cook like me, you can still do it with the help of Flour Plan. You might not end up with the exact dish, you can be sure that you can still eat and enjoy it.

I have the tendency to either make the food I try to cook too salty or bland. But with Flour Plan’s pre-measured ingredients right off the box, I won’t go wrong as far as the taste is concerned. And that’s exactly why we were able to still enjoy the Skillet Sausage N’ Rice with a twist. Check them out, and if you’re a really busy person who’d still like to cook a good meal, you’ll likely love the service.


Disclosure: Flour Plan sent me their Skillet Sausage N’ Rice box to try.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. You can actually tweak the dish just like what I did. Aside from adding onions and garlic, I also added some left-over bacon that I found in the fridge. ?

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