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A scene in The Social Network

Flashbacks with The Social Network

Nearly 24 hours after watching the special premiere of The Social Network at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 courtesy of NuffnangPH and PLDT myDSL, scenes and ideas from my past are creeping up to my memory bank. This brain activity was actually a continuation from the time that I was watching the movie until I’m on a bus ride on my way home. And it’s just not me… my cousin, who was with me at the premiere, also experienced such activity.

I’m sure everyone knows what The Social Network movie is all about. It received much attention in Hollywood; despite that, I thought it’s just another movie. Then came the opportunity to watch it, free. When I received an email broadcast from NuffnangPH about their latest treat, I was not excited. But for lack of nothing to do, I gave it a shot by blogging about it. As the deadline for submission of entry ended with less than the required participants, I knew I’d be receiving instructions on claiming the tickets via email.

The day of the premiere, I was observing the weather, with typhoon Juan/Megi ravaging the northern part of the country. Metro Manila was not spared with the strong downpour, and I was having second thoughts about going, especially when I read a participant declining to join the event allegedly because of reports that the weather will worsen towards the end of the day. But as things started to improve, I decided to go.

My cousin and I arrived just in time for the program to start – announcements about the soon-to-be-launched PLDT myDSL modem-router, the winner of this new gadget and a short trivia contest for the loot bags. The trivia contest was fun, although we did not participate. I’m more interested in testing the signal strength of the modem-router; I actually thought they will be showcasing that with wifi connections all around the venue, but my wifi-capable phone did not detect any. Too bad, especially when we were asked to check-in on Foursquare in hope to swarm the event. Then the movie started.

The scene started with Mark Zuckerberg dating, which ended up in a break up. This event led to him blogging against his ex and the creation of the cornerstone of Facebook – Facemash. The movie progresses with the scenes of Zuckerberg’s deposition and the events leading to the creation of the popular networking site. Call it flashback or flashforward, but whatever it is, the movie was told in an effortless manner, with the story and the scenes presented brilliantly. Along with this intelligent story telling are witty dialogues. Moviegoers may find themselves imitating.

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Although The Social Network is marketed as the story of Facebook, it’s actually more than that. It’s all about the desire to belong, envy, revenge, hurt, friendship and betrayal as much as business decisions, success, failures, and real characters. The actors, relatively unknown to me, delivered great performances, including Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker.

But I guess what struck the inner chords in my cousin and me was our dream to succeed. Currently we both are into online retail business. Although both businesses are doing well, we are still in the start-up phase. She dreams of bringing the business to the mainstream, while I dream of conquering the international market. Hey, Facebook despite being founded in 2004 found it’s way to the Philippine shore several years after. It’ll only be a matter of time for Tough Brat Bags and Bratty Bonita to reach that level. Haha!

Flashes of the past came to me with the “what-ifs”, although without regret. After college, I was very much interested in IT. Studying accounting in college, I have very limited knowledge of information technology. So I started teaching myself of everything about computer – programming, desktop publishing, graphic design, etc. I realized I have such a good grasp of technology that I can learn them without having to attend formal training. But the dream had to give way to the need of the hour. I ditched the idea and just concentrated on what I can do to start earning. Again, there are no regrets. The knowledge I gained at that time helped me with my work, giving me the edge that none of my contemporaries can offer.

Another business idea I had during my early career also dawned upon me. With little tweaking, I believe it’s doable. This is great! The Social Network triggered flashbacks and ideas that are worth considering, much like how Mark Zuckerberg considered the ideas presented to him by the Winklevoss twins. It’s a good thing I gave this a shot. Aside from being treated to a good movie, I got even more. Thanks to Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL. I know it’s not too late to bring these flashbacks to become part of my future… now if only I could find an angel investor. Anyone?

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