Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge

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Celebrity Coaches Jim and Toni Saret passionately led the launch
Celebrity Coaches Jim and Toni Saret

Celebrity fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret invites everyone to join the Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge this 2017. The challenge is for the entire Philippines to lose 1 million lbs. This is very timely as I have also set my goals to lose weight, so yes, I’m joining the challenge.

We learned during the press launch that medical associations, the public, and private sectors, have already made their pledges. This national challenge is the first step to the Fit Filipino Movement’s vision of one million fit Filipinos by 2020.  According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) Director Mario V. Capanzana, “Three in 10 Filipinos are overweight or obese. Of these three, one overweight adult can be found in the National Capital Region.”

Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge led by Coach Jim and Toni SaretThe FitFil 1 Million Lbs. National Weight Loss Challenge is slated to be the biggest on-ground and online fitness campaign in the country.  The program will run for six months and aims to encourage everyone to pledge and lose the pounds.  Even before its official launch, medical associations, and public and private sectors have already answered the call and made their pledges. Individual, squads, corporations, and even cities are encouraged to join the cause toward a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

The Public and Private Sector show their commitment to the Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge“We want Filipinos to see that getting fit and healthy can be easy and fun when you have the whole nation rallying together for this cause,” said Coach Jim Saret. Coach Toni Saret said further, “Wellness starts with the little changes in our lifestyle choices. We can start with better eating habits or a simple 4-minute workout daily.”

Among the first organizations that pledged support to the Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge is the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). “Prevention is still the best step to be in tip-top shape. Following PHA’s 52100 Health Lifestyle (which stands for five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, two hours of screen time, one hour of exercise daily, zero sugary sweets, and 0 smoking) is one way of supporting the Fit Filipino Challenge,” said PHA President Dr. Raul Lapitan.

Former tennis player and ABS-CBN sports reporter Dyan Castillejo joined Coaches Jim and Toni
Former tennis player and ABS-CBN sports reporter Dyan Castillejo joined Coaches Jim and Toni

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) is also taking on the challenge. “Obesity needs to be addressed.  Proper nutrition and fitness can reverse that.  We encourage everyone to join the Fit Filipino Movement,” said PMA President Dr. Irineo Bernardo III.

Several fitness regimen were demonstrated at the eventBe part of the biggest national weight loss challenge in the country and join the FitFil 1 Million Lbs. National Weight Loss Challenge! I’m very much eager to participate to motivate myself in losing weight. Coach Jim and Toni Saret has encouraged me to get into exercise because they advocate physical activities without being dependent on the gym or any fitness equipment.

Members of the Media and Guests were led to a relaxing exercise by Nature Wellness

FitFil 1 Million Lbs National Weight Loss ChallengeI don’t have time to the gym, and as much as I would love to own a fitness equipment, I can’t afford them. But I know that should not stop me from getting fit. Aside from Coach Jim Saret’s 4-minute workout, I also watch other workout videos on Youtube. Registering to the  also means that I get access to the Community, unlimited access to video and article library of workouts, health tips, nutrition tips, etc.

Registration to the Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge is free, and will start from June 5 until December 5, 2017, at Interested participants can also visit select Robinsons Supermarket every Saturday to register and submit their official weight. After their final weigh-in, participants can avail of a reward if they achieve their wellness goal. Further details can also be found on Coach Jim Saret’s website.


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