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How to Fight a Red Light Ticket Without Going to Court

Traffic Red LightOver 40 cities in California use red-light cameras to enforce traffic laws. If you run a red light and are caught by a camera, you could face a citation of up to $500. You can fight a red-light traffic ticket, but it will take some time and effort on your part. A San Bernardino ticket lawyer can offer assistance to reduce your stress. Let’s go through the steps of fighting a red-light ticket.

Don’t Ignore the Citation

Some sources say that you can ignore a red-light ticket in L.A. County, but it’s not the best course of action. You will face bigger fines if you end up in court again. It’s questionable whether the DMV will hold up your license renewal, but it’s just better to deal with the ticket while the information is fresh in the system.

Check the Information on the Citation

The citation will include a lot of information about when the incident occurred and where to pay the fine. It should also include details on where you can go to look at the pictures that were taken. Check to see if you were driving the car. The citation is sent to the registered owner of the car, but if you weren’t driving, you aren’t responsible for the ticket. You will have to submit an affidavit that you weren’t driving.

Police Officer administering red light ticket

Request More Information

If you can’t view the photos or video of the incident, write to the law enforcement agency that issued the citation and request the information. Time the yellow light interval. If it’s shorter than the minimum required time, you can argue that you didn’t have enough time to stop. Take pictures of the area to ensure that the warning sign was visible. There are many ways to show that the ticket was issued improperly.

Get Legal Help

Traffic ViolationLook for the best traffic lawyer Santa Ana to fight your ticket without having to appear in court. You’ll save time, money and the headache. Contact The Ticket Clinic for more information.

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