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Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival 2016

Experiencing the Malasimbo Festival 2016 Magic

Wearing an RFID at the Malasimbo Festival 2016Last month, I had the chance to attend the Malasimbo Festival 2016 in Puerto Galera. I know, I know, that’s during the Holy Week and should have written about it earlier. Unfortunately, I got caught up with work and some unfortunate incidences – my media files got corrupted, and my phone was lost. Enough of the excuses. Just let me share with you my Malasimbo experience.

The Malasimbo Festival started in 2011. Visualized by French expat Hubert d’Aboville who owns a piece of property on top of the mountain that looked like a natural amphitheater. He dreamed of having a musical event on the island. The festival name was taken from the mountain where the event is held every year.

I’ve read and heard about it, but never really took interest in it. For one thing, I think I’m past the age of attending live concerts and partying, which is what the festival is all about. But when the Tourism Promotions Board emailed an invite, I can’t help but say “YES” for the possibility of having that much-needed break outside the metro.

This year’s festival had two schedules – the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival for March 4 to 6 and the Lights and Dance Festival for March 24 to 26. Because of work, I opted for the 2nd schedule. I was initially placed on the wait list because I got to respond to the invite late. But fate had it that I should join because a slot opened up just in time.

Art Installation at Malasimbo Festival 2016The Lights

It’s a lights festival alright, featuring artistic installations by artists like Iya Regalario, Russ Ligtas, Olivia d’Aboville, Billy Bonnevie, Denis Lagdameo, Doring Lalongisip and Grace Katigbak, among many others. These installations set the mood and brightens up an otherwise dark place.

The Music and Dances

Lyrically Deranged Poets / LDP performed at Malasimbo 2016On the first night, we caught up with the performance of Lyrically Deranged Poets (LDP). Apparently, one of the members is Abra of FlipTop fame. I’m not really into hip hop, but I appreciate that despite the group’s fast talking, I’m able to comprehend what they’re saying. Some of their messages are very relevant, prompting the audience to cheer on.

Philippine All Stars performed on the first night of Malasimbo Light and Dance Festival 2016I was about to throw the towel into this event admitting that such festivity is not really for me. Then the Philippine All Stars came up on stage and worked their magic. I was swept away by their dancing, the group never really fail to amaze me. The night made a 360-degrees turn around for me because I really enjoyed their performance.

The good experience went on for the 2nd night of the Malasimbo Festival 2016. I enjoyed the DJs mixes, especially when DJ Kentaro took over. He rocked the house err… Mount Malasimbo down. We were all on our feet (yep, including me), dancing, swaying and moving to the beat. He really has awesome skills on that turntable, and that’s not surprising. I learned later on that he was a Disco Mix Club World DJ Champion. I went back to our hotel amazed at his mixes.Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival 2016

DJ Kentaro at the Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival 2016The Malasimbo Festival 2016 magic was cast upon me that night along with the rest of the audience. I’m sure those who paid for the tickets were fully satisfied despite being expensive. If you’re planning to attend next time, check out the performers first so that you won’t be disappointed. Also, make sure to explore Puerto Galera so you maximize your travel experience.

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