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Evercool RadiatorAutomotive metal industry leader Roberts Automotive & Industrial Parts Manufacturing (Roberts AIPMC), the makers of Evercool Radiators, introduces 3 new sub-brands as a way to diversify and cater to the ever-changing needs of the market. Now, you will find Evercool Radiator that suits you with the Alpha, Supra and Ultima. With the introduction of these new radiators, discriminating consumers can now freely choose the Evercool radiator that suits them the most, depending on their budget and preference.

Evercool Radiator AlphaEvercool Alpha, for one, is the cost-effective radiator that is suited for passenger cars and light commercial vehicle types. It is designed for light duty and low speed vehicles commonly used for city driving even in heavy traffic conditions. At a very affordable price, this is the solution that companies or entrepreneurs look for when it comes to basic vehicle use.

Evercool Radiator SupraThe Evercool Supra, on the other hand, is the “original” high performance radiator by Evercool made for general automotive use. It is designed for vehicles with regular duty and for high-speed, long drive conditions, yet can also perform equally well in slow speed city driving. This radiator can be used by pick-up, vans, trucks and SUVs.

Evercool Radiator UltimaFinally, the Evercool Ultima is Roberts AIPMC’s extreme quality radiator that is specially designed for trucks and buses and others that entail heavy duty applications. Its durability and toughness requires less maintenance and can be used in punishing road conditions and for vehicles with hefty loads. It is a reliable partner for heavy–duty vehicles because it can withstand excruciating heat and massive vibration.

Every Evercool radiator, whether the Alpha, Supra or Ultima, underwent and passed different radiator quality and durability tests such as vibration test, pressure fatigue test and road test. Roberts AIPMC also has an ISO 9001:2008 certification and the company only uses materials that comply with the Japanese International Standard (JIS), so that consumers can be assured of every radiator’s quality.

As Roberts AIPMC’s product and service portfolio for Evercool Radiator continue to expand, car owners now have a much more valuable solution to car trouble. With Evercool consumers now have choices to let the joyride roll ever onward. For more information about Roberts AIPMC, located at RGC Compound, Canlubang Industrial Estate, Bo. Pittland, Cabuyao, Laguna, visit

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