Epic Travels for Juan For Fun 2017 Backpacker Teams

Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Backpacker ChallengeAs I’m writing this, the epic adventure of Juan for Fun 2017 Backpacker Teams is already rolling. Five teams each composing 3 college students have officially started the competition for that much-coveted one year travel-all-you-can pass prize. That’s travel pass to any of the domestic or international short haul destination of Cebu Pacific. Their challenge started even before the competition began as 9 groups had to fight for their right to be part of the backpacking competition.

Around noontime on a Monday, July 17th, I got to witness the exciting kickoff of Cebu Pacific’s annual backpacking competition. The 9 teams went through a two-day workshop under the Juan For Fun Academy which equipped them for the backpacking journey. After which, they were given a Manila Pre-Challenge where they roamed around Metro Manila and took a video of their chosen itineraries. The video was the deciding factor on who gets to the top 5.

The Juan For Fun 2017 Coaches
The Coaches (L-R): Travel Writer Jude Bacalso, YouTube Vlogger Wil Dasovich, international blogger of Sabrina lovino, Beautiful Destination Social Media Strategist Ren Sapitan, and Becoming Filipino advocate Kyle Jennerman

Juan For Fun 2017 is different from what I have witnessed last year’s backpacking competition where the top contenders were already chosen and assigned their own coaches. And speaking of coaches, this year’s roster of Juan For Fun coaches are: YouTube Vlogger Wil Dasovich, Becoming Filipino advocate Kyle Jennerman, Beautiful Destination Social Media Strategist Ren Sapitan, international blogger of Sabrina lovino, and returning coach and travel writer Jude Bacalso.

Team Malackai Automatically Enters Top 5
Team Malackai of Baguio City is from University of Cordilleras, St. Louis University and St. Paul University

I personally like the fact that all of them had to go through a workshop from all of the coaches. That’s leveling the playing field as they all get to learn from all the coaches who are experts in their individual field. For the Manila Pre-Challenge, the JFF coaches gave the Coaches’ Choice Award to Team Malackai, the team with the most captivating and exciting content on social media.

Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Top 5 - Team Barbie
Team Barbie of Davao City is from the University of Southern Philippines

The other Juan For Fun 2017 contenders belonging to the Top 5 are Team Barbie, Team Juanton, Team Patsada and Team Phun. All 5 teams were provided with Php40,000 pocket money, gadgets and Cebu Pacific flights for the entire 7-day competition. Aside from these grand new surprises, they also get to win prizes in special fun challenges from JFF’s copresentors Jack ’n Jill Chippy and Smart Communications, Inc.

Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Top 5 - Team Phun
Team Phun of Bacolod City is from University of St. La Salle

These young travelers are in for a whirlwind adventure with Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun Backpacking Challenge 2017. I’m looking forward to see how they’d share their experiences especially since they are now equipped for the backpacking journey, having gathered the best travel tips from their travel content expert coaches: from capturing the most thrilling parts of their journeys to effectively sharing these on their social media pages.

Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Top 5 - Team Patsada
Team Patsada of Cagayan de Oro is from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

With the beautiful Philippine destinations as their backdrop, I’m pretty sure the Juan For Fun 2017 backpacking challengers will take their audience into a riveting adventure. Let’s tune in on the sights and sounds of their travels by following the Juan for Fun (, Cebu Pacific Twitter (@CebuPacificAir), and the hashtag #JuanforFun2017 to discover more exciting ways to fly with Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Top 5 - Team Juanton
Team Juanton of Davao City is from Ateneo de Davao University and De La Salle University

Cebu Pacific’s Backpackers’ Challenge is now on it’s 6th year and is considered the biggest yet. Juan For Fun 2017 is also supported by official travel gear Jake Bros, Oppo, Ube Express and endorsed by the Department of Tourism.Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun 2017 Backpacker Team Finalist with coaches

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