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GMA 7’s Destiny Rose is Another Heart-Warming Story

GMA Destiny Rose

GMA 7’s Destiny Rose is another heart-warming story worth watching. Another tale of love and family in GMA’s Afternoon Prime is set to unfold beginning September 14. I got to watch the show’s plug several times the past weeks and I thought it’s another story aimed to capture the LGBT community. But I thought wrong. That’s because although homosexuality is a part of it, the afternoon drama series is more than that. It’s actually a character-driven story about Joey Flores Vergara. Joey is a woman trapped in a man’s body. All his life, he only dreamt and hoped to be the best for his parents. Despite the fact that everyone around him was against his personal desires and wishes, he remained to be the loving and obedient child. A passionate student and a loving son to his family, Joey will go through different setbacks in life but will continue to ...

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Stars in “My Fair Lady” Adaptation

My Fair Lady lead stars

Taking on another challenge, Jasmine Curtis-Smith stars in “My Fair Lady” adaptation. Showing on TV5 starting September 14, the series is a Filipino adaptation of the 2009 hit Koreanovela. Televiewers will get to watch Jasmine as Audrey Tiuseco, the richest “it” girl in the Philippines and the heiress of a growing corporation with various lines of business including farming, agricultural technology, and is also venturing into shopping and lifestyle malls. Audrey is beautiful, intelligent and has a very regal demeanor, naturally acquired from her upbringing in a prominent family. But having lost both of her parents at a very young age, Audrey grew up to be a brat. She’s a major pain in the neck to everyone from her grandfather, Lolo Matteo (Eddie Gutierrez) and her personal assistants who are subject to her slightest command. But she finally meets her match in Hero played by Vin Abrenica. Hero is her ...

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PLAYLIST: Unplugged Showcased GMA Artists Musicality

Playlist Unplugged

Early this month I was treated to good music along with other bloggers courtesy of GMA Network’s Social Media Team. We were at the Big Bad Wolf in BGC for PLAYLIST: Unplugged which showcased GMA Artists musicality. We enjoyed the performances of the Kapuso artists and I’m not talking about the veterans such as Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Jaya, Janno Gibbs, Christian Bautista and all. The gig actually presented the new generation of performers. It was quite a breather from the usual TV show announcements which highlighted actors and actresses. This time around, it was such a cool event, chilling over good music, good company and delicious food. At the back of my mind, GMA 7 has a solid line up of young musicians. They’re not just with some pretty face, but really talented bunch that made the rainy night warm and cozy. We arrived late because of the traffic jam. Good thing we were still ...

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Spotify’s Top 25 Most Influential Young Artists Revealed

Spotify shared it’s playlist of 25 Artists Under 25 which is also considered the list of top 25 most influential young artists globally. These artists are under the age of 25 and are taking the music industry by storm. On the list is the 24-year-old UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran who holds the title of most-streamed artist of 2014 and most-streamed song of all time – Thinking Out Loud – and the record for being the first British artist to reach two billion streams on Spotify. To build the 25 under 25 list, the digital music service looked at a variety of factors including number-one hits, volume and growth of streams over the past year, as well as their performance on the Spotify viral chart. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus and One Direction round out the top five. The list was dominated by popstars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor, alongside both well-known and emerging EDM and hip-hop ...

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GMA To The Top Cycle 3 Happenings and Updates

GMA 7 - To The Top Cycle 3 Updates

I got to sit down and watch GMA To The Top last Saturday and Sunday. I’m really enjoying the Kapuso network’s first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines and knowing that the week will be the show’s first elimination round, I don’t want to miss it. I’m sure last week’s episodes were quite nerve-wracking for the contestants because there’s a lot at stakes to all these hopefuls. But I’m sure it was delightful experience as well just looking at their performances. GMA To The Top Cycle 3 happenings and updates are to the brim. The first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines is one exciting show. The theme for Cycle 3 performances revolved in the APO Hiking Society songs, sung a cappella. To be honest, I was expecting to just watch each group sing, nothing more. I mean, no dancing or any kind of movements. It would have been a breather ...

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GMA To The Top Performances Cycle 1 and 2

GMA 7 - To The Top

GMA 7’s To The Top: the first multi-platform boy band competition is on a roll. I talked about the moves of the Boys of To The Top on a previous post. But of course, the most important of all are the performances in the show. The group performances matters a lot to win. I got to watch their first performance in what I learned was actually the first cycle of the show, too bad the videos I captured were lost as my memory card got corrupted. It’s a good thing GMA Network posted them on YouTube. Check out the GMA To The Top performances Cycle 1 and 2. The boys were grouped into 3. Bryan Olano, AJ Ajrouche, Lance Busa, Luis Gragera, Louie Pedroso and Chris Yumang were part of Team A. The second group, Team B comprises Joshua Jacobe, Seph Manlapaz, MJ Magno, Ken Carpena, JP Palaca and Martin de Vera. ...

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The Moves of the Boys of To The Top

the boys of to the top

Have you watched GMA 7’s To The Top? I’ve been trying to catch up every Saturday and Sunday whenever I’m home. I do love music and great performances. So far I’ve seen great performances and some that needs improvement on the show. Well, that’s why the coaches are there, to hone the boys’ skills and talents. But one of the things I enjoy watching are the moves of the Boys of To The Top. I let you in on a secret. I’m a performer – I act, dance and sometimes sing. But I love dancing. That’s one talent that I’ve showcased even as a kid. I enjoyed the dances in the 80s – the robot, punk rock, the moonwalk and more! I was a teenager back then. In college, I became part of a performance group in the church where I did interpretative dance. Hahaha! Those memories made me laugh. Not that my moves ...

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Sitti’s Album “Singles Bossa Nova Trio” Released

Sitti - Singles Bossa Nova Trio

Almost a decade since the release of the double platinum album Café Bossa, Sitti’s highly-anticipated album “Singles Bossa Nova Trio” has been released. It was a one-day, live recording session done al fresco at a house in Rizal with guitarist Erskine Basilio and percussionist Diego Martinez. The tracks include some of Sitti’s most popular singles given a fresh take such as “Girl From Ipanema,” “Tattooed On My Mind,” and “Para Sa Akin” with other favorites like “Sunday Morning,” “I Want It That Way,” “To Forget You,” and “La La Means I Love You,” to name a few. Her carrier single “Ligaya” defines her life right now as a happily married woman. The song is also about her husband, Joey Ramirez, and is the most special among the songs she has ever written. Other originals are “Answers” and “All I Ever Wanted.” Sitti finds happiness being married and it can be ...

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GMA’s Let The Love Begin Ends with a Heartwarming Finale

GMA 7 - Let the Love Begin

On August 7, GMA’s Let The Love Begin ends with a heartwarming finale. The Kapuso prime time drama series led by AiAi deals Alas with love team Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia is coming to a close. Also bidding farewell are Gardo Versoza, Donita Rose, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Gladys Reyes, among others. We were able to meet some of the cast during a bloggers event and some of them shared their experiences while shooting, and what to expect in the final episode this Friday. Ruru shared his memorable scene was his confrontation scene with AiAi who plays his mother in the series. “Memorable para sa akin yung sinampal ako ni Mama Ai kasi sobrang heavy talaga ng scene na yun at ang ganda ng kinalabasan.” The young actor further said that he will definitely miss the happy set, the staff and crew and his co-actors in the show. As ...

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To The Top – GMA 7’s Boy Band Competition Show

To The Top Contestants

The search for the next boy band sensation in the Philippines is on. To The Top, GMA 7’s boy band competition show has been ongoing online via gmanetwork.com/tothetop. Over 100 hopefuls auditioned for the competition which were eventually trimmed down to 18. They had their first public appearance and live performance as they were presented to the press. Now, they’re ready as the show starts airing July 25. At the back of my mind, I was asking “Why have a boy band competition?” I then realized that although we have had our share of boy bands in the Philippines, I don’t think all of them has reached a level of success that’s groundbreaking. Some of them were formed to capitalize on their good looks, but not every member can sing. While there are groups who care fairly sing, they don’t have that X-Factor to catapult them to stardom. We got to ...

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