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A Beautiful Movie: X-Men First Class

I’ve watched all the X-Men movie franchise and I enjoyed them all. Who wouldn’t? It has all the elements of a superhero film with all the fight scenes and special effects. But when I watched X-Men: First Class recently, I’d say it’s beautiful and it’s my favorite X-Men movie to date. The movie is the 4th of the movie franchise. It’s a prequel retelling the early beginnings of X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. The movie started on Magneto and Professor X’s lives as kids in 1944. Both had totally opposite lives – the young Magneto coming from a concentration camp in Poland, and Charles Xavier shown living in a New York mansion. Eighteen years later, the lead characters paths have crossed due to certain turn of events. And this is where the movie starts to get lovely. Sure, the fight scenes are there along with the special effects. But ...

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Flashbacks with The Social Network

A scene in The Social Network

Nearly 24 hours after watching the special premiere of The Social Network at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 courtesy of NuffnangPH and PLDT myDSL, scenes and ideas from my past are creeping up to my memory bank. This brain activity was actually a continuation from the time that I was watching the movie until I’m on a bus ride on my way home. And it’s just not me… my cousin, who was with me at the premiere, also experienced such activity. I’m sure everyone knows what The Social Network movie is all about. It received much attention in Hollywood; despite that, I thought it’s just another movie. Then came the opportunity to watch it, free. When I received an email broadcast from NuffnangPH about their latest treat, I was not excited. But for lack of nothing to do, I gave it a shot by blogging about it. As the deadline for ...

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