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The Arts and the Children with Special Needs

Samantha with coach Kenn Sioson

For me, the arts have always been the great equalizer in the society. Age, educational background, economic standing, and even if you have special needs, it really doesn’t matter, as long as you have the talent. It is, therefore, a fitting event for the arts and the children with special needs as the Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP) stages a back-to-back event on January 28 at the RCBC Plaza in Makati. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the self-titled exhibit of 19-year-old special artist Samantha Kaspar will open to the public. At 7:00 in the evening, the Manila Symphony Orchestra will take center stage. This will be an event worthy of attending, one that I don’t want to miss, especially upon learning about the artists during a press conference. Art Auction The art exhibit entitled “Samantha” will showcase around 40 artworks. Some of these on fabric to be used as fashion ...

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Shocked, Awaken and Took Flight at Lopez Museum Art Exhibit GROUNDED

Grounded at the Lopez Memorial Museum

I was shocked, awaken and took flight as I browsed upon the art pieces at the Lopez Museum art exhibit GROUNDED. The exhibit is a collection of artworks by Alma Quinto, Goldie Poblador, Eric Zamuco, Barbara Hlali, Ahmed Alshaer, Khaled Hafez showcasing their interpretation of the word ‘Grounded.” The Lopez Museum also featured the works of famed artists such as Luna and Hidalgo among others in relation to the exhibit. This is not my first time to experience an art exhibit as I’ve been to other shows, including the ones presented by the Lopez Museum. But this one gave me a different experience. Shocked Electricity can get you grounded. And just as being electrocuted can give you a sudden nudge, I was shocked at Diyos, Choose, Dues by Toym Imao. Inspired by Michael Angelo’s Creation of Adam painting at the Sistine Chapel in Rome showing God touching Adam, the art ...

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Understanding Colors at the Art, Astrology & Crystology Seminar

Art, Astrology and Crystology seminar

Early last month, a blogger friend invited me to attend the Art, Astrology & Crystology Seminar. In all honesty, I was a bit hesitant in attending this session, primarily because it involved new age practice something that I’m not into because it contradicts my faith being a born again Christian. What made me agree to join was the component of the art. I love art, being an artist myself. I’ve done some pastel paintings and I am very much interested to learn more that I even featured some art exhibits on this blog. It would be interesting to check out the works of Juno Parungao and the JIV Manila Group.   Juno Parungao is said to be a psychologist, astrologist, crystologist, professor and painter. She is a member of the JIV Manila Art Group – a group of artists, scholars and consultant. I had the chance to meet Ms. Parungao and see ...

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Moved by the Beat — the Lopez Museum Exhibit

Beat at The Lopez Museum

I had the chance to be back to the Lopez Museum last Saturday, May 19th; it was my 2nd time, and just like the Tabo exhibit, this one moved me to my senses. Suffice it to say that I was moved by the Beat, the latest art exhibit featuring the works of Nikki Luna and Ernest Concepcion. Playing with the words, giving it their own interpretations, the artists displayed opposite, yet equally engaging and awe-inspiring works of art. We first met Nikki Luna who discussed Precious and Fertile — an enormous mixed art installation with sticks seemingly flying over Gallery 2 where a part is laid out with soil, leading to a wall. A video of a land being tilled is shown serving as a backdrop of the entire installation, with a creeping sound played all throughout. Luna wants to reach out to people’s consciousness through this art exhibit and ...

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