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Reunion with best friends

Enjoy Cloud 9 Moments as They Happen

#GOALSIf you were able to achieve your goals in 2017, then you must have enjoyed those cloud 9 moments. Those are life’s feel good moments that makes you so happy you feel you’re above the clouds. But even if you didn’t fully realize your “hashtag goals” I’m pretty sure there are feel good moments in your life that you never expected, but did happen. I make it a point to cherish those times too.

Traveling is bliss, going places gives me cloud 9 moments, and that’s exactly what I experienced in 2017. For the first time, I was able to attend the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Then I toured Calapan, Mindoro in jam-packed activities. Towards the last quarter of the year, I had a chance to travel to Baler, followed by Lobo, Batangas, and then Subic. I thought that’s the end of it, but I was wrong. On the last week of November, I saw myself traveling to Pampanga.

Hotair Balloon Fiesta at Clarkfield Pampanga

Traveling to Calapan via Fast CatWhat I never expected was to be able to stand before an audience sharing about SEO and blogging for business. I’m generally a shy guy and talking in front of people made me nervous. That’s why when I was in the call center industry, I never wanted to be a trainer.

SEO for Bloggers SeminarHaving conducted seminars, one on SEO for Bloggers in March, and then Blogging for Business at Philippine Business Entrepreneurs Expo in July made me realize I can do training. These were unexpected moments that made me feel good about myself. Those were moments that made me proud of myself and definitely cloud 9 moments. Conducted Blogging for Business Seminar at the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo

And there are other events in my life that may seem like a normal thing, but are worthy of remembering. I had a reunion with my best friends this year which always warms my heart. A word from a client that recognizes my work, making me aim to be better at what I do. And being adapt to a client’s business validated my level of skills and competence.

Reunion with best friendsIndeed, each day is composed of special moments that make life worth living, and at times, gives us more reason to live. But in a world full of distractions, people tend to fast forward in life and forget the value of living in the moment. When we get caught up in our busy lives, we often miss big opportunities and take for granted those beautiful experiences that unfolds in the present.

To encourage people to celebrate special moments as they happen, Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 continues its #Cloud9Moments campaign. Through this campaign, Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 inspires people to recognize and celebrate everyday special moments as they can inspire both big and small changes in your life. These spontaneous moments, such as the most heartfelt reunions or the best quick weekend getaways, are #Cloud9Moments that are best shared and enjoyed with Cloud 9’s delicious chocolate-coated bars.

Celebrate Cloud 9 Moments with Cloud 9 Chocolate BarsAppreciate life’s sweet experiences while indulging in a bite of the crunchy peanut and soft nougat coated in rich milk and creamy white chocolate with Cloud 9 Classic and White. Everyone can also savor the double chocolate treat of Cloud 9 Choco Fudge, or satisfy their sweet tooth with a chewy bar of Cloud 9 Overload, filled with luscious caramel and peanuts coated in milk chocolate.

Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 continues to accompany Filipinos throughout each wonderful journey to discover new and inspiring #Cloud9Moments by spreading positivity through its TV commercial, rolling out events and activities, and incorporating the help of personalities to reinforce the fresh message of living in the now.

Share Cloud 9 Moments onlineCountless feel-good moments definitely happen when you stop and live in the present. Fill your life with Cloud 9 Moments. And enjoy life’s special moments with Cloud 9. Join in the conversation on social media by uploading your moments and adding #Cloud9Moment in the caption.

Enjoy Cloud 9 Moments as They Happen
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Enjoy Cloud 9 Moments as They Happen
Stop and live in the present. Enjoy those Cloud 9 Moments and celebrate those feel good moments no matter how small they may be.
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