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Celebrating my Cloud 9 Moment with my favorite chocolate bar

Cherish Life’s Victory and Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment

Celebrating my Cloud 9 Moment with my favorite chocolate barThere are moments in life that makes you delighted, happy, proud, joyful or a mix of these good vibes feelings. These are so-called cloud 9 moments that we cherish in our life. I remember feeling really proud when I was voted as one of the class officer in my elementary days. I’m always in my cloud 9 moment whenever I get successes in my work.

Recently, I had a Cloud 9 Moment when my client acknowledged my hard work during a Skype call. I make those moments even better by munching on Cloud 9. That’s right, celebrate those special moments in life by enjoying the all-time feel-good chocolate bar from Jack ‘n Jill. Enjoy that Cloud 9 moment because you deserve it!Cloud 9 Chocolate Bars

Ever since Cloud 9 was introduced in the market, it’s been one of my favorite. I get to enjoy a treat or two without having to spend a lot compared to buying imported chocolates. This made those sweet victories in life even more sweeter.

Throughout the years, Jack ‘n Jill’s Cloud 9 has delivered its chocolate goodness to Filipinos. It advocates positivity by spreading good vibes and reminding people that there are countless reasons to celebrate life’s special moments.

The well-loved chocolate bar brand encourages everyone to cherish special moments and live life to the fullest with its Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment campaign. Cloud 9 believes that life’s special moments should be captured, enjoyed and shared with others.

The brand encourages netizens to upload photos of their “Cloud 9 moments” in your own Facebook or Instagram account with the official hash tag #Cloud9Moment. The campaign aims to gather millions of Cloud 9 moments, which will soon be showcased along the metro, for everyone to celebrate and be inspired by.

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What's Your Cloud 9 Moment? Upload your photos nowInspire others to channel positivity in their lives with your Cloud 9 Moments photos share don social media. Also, you may have a chance to win special prizes from Cloud 9. For more details, visit Be part of the Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment campaign and start spreading the news. Collect and celebrate special moments and make every day worth remembering.

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