Eatigo WOW Wednesday Offers 50% off ALL DAY this Apr 18

Eatigo Wow WednesdayHave an Eatigo WOW Wednesday! Dine out and get 50% off ALL DAY this April 18! Dear foodies, this is not a drill, it’s for real! You don’t have to blow your budget to enjoy sumptuous, mouth-watering dishes this Wednesday.

The newest, revolutionary dining app brings you WOW Wednesday! Starting this summer of 2018, you can dine out using Eatigo app and get 50% discounts ALL DAY at your favorite restaurants one Wednesday of each month.

Eatigo Wow Wednesday at BarcinoEatigo WOW Wednesday is definitely a treat for every foodies. You can dine at 50% off at the metro’s best-selling dining places: Barcino, the home of authentic Spanish cuisines; Dillingers 1903, where steaks and pasta reign supreme; Alta at Ascott BGC, an American and Italian restaurant helmed by world-famous Chef Margarita Fores; Gelatofix, a lifestyle café specializing on a spectrum of dishes that complement their vast gelato flavors; and Vengo, where you can find the marriage of a taqueria and coffee shop in one shop.

Eatigo Wow Wednesday at GelatofixEatigo App Wow Wednesday PanelThe impressive list of brands goes on! Check it out on the dedicated WOW Wednesday panel on the Eatigo app. WOW Wednesday will certainly give you something to beat hump day! WOW Wednesday kicks off this month on April 18. But seats can be reserved as early as 12 midnight of April 16!

Having tried the dishes at Dillingers 1903 and Gelatofix, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I wanted to give Barcino, Alta At Ascott BGC, or Vengo a try this time around. The good thing is I can visit these restaurant anytime of the day on Wednesday and still enjoy the food at 50% discount.

So hurry up! Download the Eatigo App now, browse and take your pick from the participating restaurants and experience half-price treats on your eats with Eatigo WOW Wednesday! Also make sure to keep tabs of Eatigo’s Facebook page so you don’t miss out on the next schedules of WOW Wednesday!

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