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Drew Arellano

Drew Arellano Explores the Countryside

Drew Arellano is managed by Asian Artists AgencyWe had the chance to interview Drew Arellano on a Tuesday afternoon at a restaurant in Quezon City. I have to admit that I’m a fan and sort of starstrucked when he sat down with us. We talked about his shows, learned more about how he travels, his family and his business.

You will continue to see him doing Biyahe ni Drew which has been his long-running show on GMA News TV. The host shares that they’ve featured the main destinations in the country, and now they’re exploring the countryside in search for more places to visit.

On a recent episode of his travel show, Drew was brought to a little known town called Capul in Northern Samar. As viewers travel with him, they get to know that Capul is a shortened word for Acapulco, a trading post in Mexico. Apparently, that particular town in Northern Samar served as guidepost for the Acapulco-Manila Galleon trade.

There still stands the lighthouse that served as guide to ships plying that route. Audiences also learned that though Samar speaks the Waray dialect, Capul has a distinct language only known to them called Inabaknon with influences from Austronesian language, a language spoken among coastal places in Southeast Asia.

Biyahe ni DrewIn that trip to Northern Samar, Drew dove into the deep sea in search of lato, (a kind of seaweed), tasted fresh “lapas” (abalone) and eaten “baay” a root crop in the family of cassava but only found in Capul. I’m pretty sure he willingly agreed to eat those food during their shoot, but do you know that the first time he had to eat “tamilok” he refused to do so?

We learned interesting bits and pieces about Drew that I’m sure his avid Biyahe ni Drew follower is already aware of. He has climbed high mountains, crawled through bat caves, jumped from waterfalls, cooked piyaya, drove through sand dunes, and other adventures. But he shared that there are things he can’t stand doing, and that includes riding a roller coaster or doing bungee jumping.

Drew Arellano is doing a lot of things, including managing a businessIt’s not that he’s not adventurous or fearful, heck no! I’ve seen him do cliff jumping and he is also engaged in extreme activities. Drew is a triathlete. He bikes. He swims. He runs.

I learned that Drew Arellano loves to bike. On occasions that taping for Biyahe ni Drew are done in Metro Manila and nearby towns, Drew uses his motorbike. He has the big and expensive ones. And he races.

Drew obviously relishes his work as a travel host. He also loves extreme sports. But more than the pleasure he gets when traveling and racing his super bike, Drew enjoys his role as father to his son, Primo. Drew is married to Iya Villania.

Drew ArellanoHe pointed out that he designed his schedule to allow more time for his family, because for him anytime is family time. You may think he’s not a busy guy, but Drew endorses Del Monte Pineapple, Babyflo Babywash, Cerelac Nutripuffs, and Uniqlo Jackets. He also hosts AHA on GMA 7.

The travel show host is also a businessman, managing his an online store called Vamos which sells sports attire and paraphernalia from socks to tees. Vamos products can also be found in select sports shops. As a triathlete, Drew together with some friends, opened a gym, Tri Temple to cater to a triathletes needs.

It looks like Drew Arellano is having the time of his life. Aside from visiting the countryside, he has a lot going on in his life that proves his success. Drew is managed by Asian Artists Agency. For inquiries email [email protected] or call tel: (02) 405 4423 or (02) 855 4765.

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