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Ilocos Sur Capitol - Downtown Vigan

Downtown Vigan is Where Business and Heritage Meet

Plaza Salcedo - Downtown ViganI’m continuing my series on my travel to Ilocos Sur. I visited the province early this year by taking a chartered plane. It was my first time to take a private plane. It was a smooth and swift experience as we reached our destination comfortably in 40 minutes. I already shared some of my experiences about Baluarte and Calle Crisologo. Now, let me take you through Vigan’s business district. I tell you, the city is where business and heritage meet.

Travelers to this city will never miss this province’s business district. After getting settled at Baluarte where our accommodations were throughout our stay of the city, we went downtown. Just right across the entrance of Calle Crisologo, it is actually an ideal spot pointing you to any directions of this historic city. At the center of it all is Plaza Salcedo, which was a work in progress in our last visit. Originally, the place has a water fountain installation amidst its the usual monuments. It was redesigned to be a dancing fountain that would rival the one from Rizal Park.

The old Plaza Salcedo in Vigan City - Photo courtesy of wwwpinoyphotographyorg

The old Plaza Salcedo in Vigan City (photo courtesy of wwwpinoyphotographyorg http://bit.ly/oldPlazaSalcedo)

Plaza Salcedo is in front of the Ilocos Sur Capitol, the Court House and other local government offices.

On the opposite side is the Vigan Cathedral and the Archdiocese of Nuestra Segovia

Surrounding the rest of the area are business establishments, restaurants and an area dedicated for Vigan Empanada.

Also in the business district is the Vigan Plaza Hotel which we were able to explore during our visit. I will definitely be sharing my experience.Vigan Plaza Hotel - Downtown ViganAs you can see, the center of Vigan is very much accessible and is booming in business. But what I love is that the local government of Ilocos Sur was able to ensure that the overall look and feel of Vigan is preserved. Take a look at those fastfood restaurants. They are all sporting a Spanish facade in their buildings. Truly, this is where business and heritage meet. It is a proof that we don’t have to let go off the past just to embrace the future. Kudos to the government of Ilocos Sur for such an effort; I hope the other provinces would do the same.

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  1. Great article! That was nice about most of the places in the Philippines, accessible to do business but can still find a way maintain the heritage to it.


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