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Detout Camp 2016

Enrich Your Life at Detour Bootcamp 2016

Detour Bootcamp 2016When I learned about Detour Bootcamp 2016, I became really interested. I’m the kind of person who loves to learn. I make it a point to read, attend workshops, conferences and even webinars when I have the time and resources. Learning helps me grow, and as I apply new knowledge, my life is enriched.

The bootcamp is a 3-day program which promises attendees fun and unique experiences and an opportunity to explore the outdoors and meet new friends. Of course, it’s aimed to help campers learn and rediscover themselves with the help of the speakers.

The Detour Bootcamp 2016 speakers are from this country’s leading industries. One of the speakers that caught my attention was Francis Kong, a well-respected motivational speaker in the Philippines. I was hoping to meet him when I agreed to attend Detour’s presscon. Unfortunately, we were told that he was not available at that time.

Detour Bootcamp 2016 speakersBut the rest of the Detour speakers were equally interesting as well. We met Life Coach Mary Jane Vega, Propel Mentoring Partnership Co’s President and CEO; David Lim, President and Founder of MyPhone Philippines; Flip Ruby, Head of Human Resources and Coporate Services of Zalora Philippines; Rachel Harrison, owner and founder of ZAMBAWOOD; Andrew Cua, CEO and Founder of Tralulu and Rachel de Villa, co-founder and CTO of CROPITAL. Everyone willingly answered the media’s questions at the presscon and even shared their hearts to us.

David Lim, MyPhone Philippines President and Founder

David Lim of MyPhone Philippines

The CEO and Founder of one of the leading mobile phone maker in the Philippines, David Lim and his family experienced insults and intrigues. I could just imagine how these affected the entire family, and could have been a challenged especially in doing business. But they didn’t let those things affect them.

The launch of MyPhone allowed every Filipino to buy a brand new phone and don’t settle for second hand ones. “I’d like to see more Filipinos to not be afraid doing things and not be afraid of the mundane,” David shared. The leader of the phone maker who defeated foreign brands in the country definitely has a lot to talk about at the Detour Bootcamp 2016.

Flip Ruby, Head of Human Resources and Coporate Services of Zalora PhilippinesFlip Ruby of Zalora Philippines

The Head of Human Resources & Corporate Services Department of Zalora Philippines shared a bit about personal branding. I’m sure he’ll be sharing  his secret on this area, which was quite fun and interesting.

You’ll also hear him share about finding the specific purpose in life. At the Detour Bootcamp presscon, Flip shared “we all have our specific purposes and passion in life and not just to be able to pay bills and buy food to eat.”

Mary Jane Vega of Propel Mentoring Partnership Co.

Mary Jane Vega, President and CEO of Propel Mentoring Partnership

The President and CEO of Propel Mentoring Partnership is used to “Jane the Notorious” sharing that she used to be a rebel in her younger days. Mary Jane Vega was an activist and even became a member of the NPA. Now she’s “Jane the Pastor” and inspires people to push their dreams, coaching on learning to overcome the detours in life.

At the Detour Bootcamp 2016 presscon, she assures that it’s not bad to have detours in life because in that phase of life, you’ll discover amazing things. “If you’re messing up with your life, it’s not a period. It could be a comma; there are still good things that could come out,” shared Jane.

Rachel Harrison of Zambawood

Rachel Harrison advocates giving adults with special needs the skills that will mold them to be empowered members of the society. As a mother of a son with special needs, Rachel found the purpose in her life when she came back to the Philippines and sought ways to help her son further. This led to the establishment of Zambawood, a boutique report where her son learned skills on organic farming, cooking, painting and more.

Rachel Harrison, owner and founder of ZAMBAWOOD

During the presscon, she pointed out that the world is giving attention to kids with special needs, but when they grow up, they seem to disappear because they’re kept inside the house. I remembered Kevin Avelino, one of the adult with special needs featured on the film Yakap. As far as I can remember, he’s the only adult person I’ve seen able to function well despite the special needs. I can’t help but agree with Rachel’s points.

“With perseverance, we are able to give them something, whatever skills it is,” Rachel said. And joining Detour Bootcamp 2016 will help her create awareness of her work which is currently on it’s fourth phase. She’s working to establish an art and skill training center at Zambawood. This is a wonderful work. It would be great to see adult with special needs tightly integrated into the Philippine society.

Rachel de Villa, co-founder and CTO of CROPITALRachel de Villa of Cropital

Rachel would like to share her experience as young entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Cropital, a crowdfunding platform that lets just about anybody to finance farmers. Rachel is aware of the fact that farmers in the Philippines have a challenging life. It’s a fact that farmers would rather have their children take on different jobs with the conception that being a farmer is a ticket to poverty.

Asked why she accepted this speaking engagement at Detour, Rachel said “I want the young people to realize that work and passion can go together. This is the perfect timing to pursue your passion to pursue your company.” Coming from somebody who was included in the list of Forbes’ The Top Young Asian Venture Capitalists And Fintech Entrepreneurs she definitely has the credibility. The young Detour Bootcamp 2016 attendees will surely learn a thing or two from her.

Andrew Cua, CEO and Founder of Tralulu Andrew Cua of Tralulu

The CEO and founder of Tralulu, Andrew Cua was doing full-time work at a start-up accelerator company. Despite having a dream job, he opted to drop everything to address a pain that he has uncovered for local guides and would like to solve. When he started to hike, he met mountain guides who guides hikers. These guides experience downtime when the hiking season is out, and that means not generating income. Naturally, the local guides would end up quitting their jobs despite having the passion for it and find alternative jobs or career paths.

Andrew’s pain led to Tralulu, a digital booking platform connecting travelers around South-East Asia to quality local guides who can provide local experiences. Envisioning a world where every traveler could travel like a local with the locals, one of Detour’s speakers found a solution that benefited local guides and travelers. That’s adding value and would like to add value to the attendees of Detour Bootcamp 2016.

Detour Bootcamp 2016

Having heard of the stories of the speakers at the Detour Bootcamp 2016, I’m pretty sure that the attendees will have a lot of learning. We learned that aside from the conferences, there will be activities that will reinforce the topics shared on every session. Designed like a team building activity, the Detour Camp is definitely a great investment for Php4,000. This fee already includes food and hotel accommodation for their entire 3-day stay in the camp as they create memories that last a lifetime.

For more information about Detour Bootcamp 2016 including registration details, videos and teasers of the 7 speakers, visit DETOUR on Facebook or call us at (02) 959-6429 or email us [email protected]



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